"Operation on May 9": the Ukrainian hackers have cracked a number of the propaganda websites of terrorists, having posted on them the appeal

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The Ukrainian hackers a cyber - alliance FalconsFlame and Trinity from 00:00 on May 9, 2016 have opened the operation OpMay9 within which have carried out 9+ successful breakings of the websites of the terrorist organization «DNR» , and also Russian websites of aggressive anti-Ukrainian propaganda and websites of the Russian Private military companies» acting under a patronage of FSB in Ukraine and Syria.

The Ukrainian hackers have posted the video message on the cracked websites:

«Today by Day of memory and the Victory we give to the Ukrainian society a new gift. This day the whole network of information resources of an aggressor and the websites of the Russian terrorists of Donbass will be paralyzed. On many websites of the opponent there will be this video message and other materials exposing lie of invaders. We have won then, we will win and now in glory of ancestors, in glory of last and future Heroes» , - it is said in a roller which comes to the end with words «Glory to Ukraine!». 


One of volunteers of the international community InformNapalm Roman Burko in Facebook provides the list of some websites of the pro-Russian terrorists cracked with the Ukrainian hackers.

1. The popular website of aggressive Russian propaganda focused on conducting information war against Ukraine http://dnr-pravda.ru был it is cracked at 00:30. At the moment contains the page of a defeys with "congratulations" from hackers.

2. Official site of "DNR" http://dnr-online.ru/ Был it is cracked at 01:00. About 7 hours on him the page with videos of the address of hackers and the devoted WW2 hung (similar as on the website dnr-pravda.ru).

3. Subdomain of the official site of "DNR" http://old.dnr-online.ru/ Аналогично with item 2.

4. Website of terrorists http://crimes.dnr-online.ru был it is cracked at 01:30 and filled with materials about war crimes of the Russian Federation. At the moment the page of a defeys is still displayed.

The Ukrainian hackers have promised that it will be not the complete list of victories over an aggressor in information space today.They have appropriated to the operation hashtags ‪‎OpMay9.

We will remind, earlier Ukrainian hackers of groups «Falcons Flame» and «Trinity» have cracked the website Anna - the News, on which the pro-Russian propaganda, and also fakes in support of bands is regularly published «DNR» and «LNR» , the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupying certain areas by means of the Kremlin.

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