Poisonous plants are and in Nikolayevshchina: three teenagers already poisoned with a dope

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Very few people reflect that in the country, even on own site, traps us danger on which we, adults, it is frequent and we don't pay attention. Poisoning plants threaten us. Most often little researchers from two to ten years suffer from them. Children can suffer from some plants, having simply taken them in hand.

Sharp poisonings with plants meet usually in a warm time of the year among tourists who use unfamiliar plants in food, or among children who spend vacation at summer camps, at dachas.

Sharp poisonings with plants can sometimes arise during self-treatment when people use extracts, broths of herbs. In Ukraine such poisoning plants meet: belladonna, bog, henbane, dope, cherry laurel, nightshade, etc. Poisoning plants which contain alkaloids, strike the central nervous system, in them excitable or oppressive action, negatively influences work of heart, a stomach, kidneys and a liver. Them treat a henbane black, a dope usual, a belladonna usual.

One more dangerous substance which some plants contain are warm glycosides which cause defeat warmly - vascular system and at the same time work on zheludochno - an intestinal path and the central nervous system. To them belong: lily of the valley May, foxglove purple.

Plants which contain organic acids meet also. At hit in a stomach these plants cause defeat zheludochno - an intestinal path and at the same time work on central nervous and is warm - vascular systems. A vorony eye belongs to this type of plants.

Plants which contain essential oils are very dangerous. They cause damage of skin and mucous membranes, and at a proglatyvaniye - defeat zheludochno - an intestinal path. These are such plants, as family the lyutikovykh which is widespread in flora of Ukraine (a buttercup caustic, a buttercup poisoning, a buttercup creeping) and чистотел.

In the territory of the Nikolaev area already there was the first case of poisoning of children plants.It occurred on August 10 in the Veselinovsky area. Three boys, 10, 11 and 12 years during walk tried dope fruits then were taken to Veselinovsky central regional hospital.

In order to avoid defeats by poisoning plants it is necessary to observe simple rules: to avoid unknown plants, not to use unknown plants in food, not to allow children to pick independently berries. If you go to travel, don't forget to capture with yourself the first-aid kit of first aid and learn how to prevent cases of poisonings.

You remember: symptoms of poisoning are shown in 1-2 hours, there are a nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, sometimes hallucinations.

At identification of the first symptoms of poisoning give to the victim sorbents, for example, stale bread, put the victim to bed, at opportunity to wash out a stomach, and immediately call "ambulance".

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns! Avoid contact with unknown plants! Teach the children not to touch plants of an unknown origin!


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