ENcounter in Nikolaev: "We can't be brought down from a way, to us all the same, where to go! "

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More than fifty people ransacking on the night city with lamps, buildings examining wall in search of a scribble, it is proud called by "crapes", "tags" and the "codes", caracoling by cars from a decline till the dawn is ENcounter'ы.

Briefing from organizers on a threshold of a city town hall

Here and in the night from Saturday to Sunday 16 autocrews gathered near the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies for the game "Diary of the Lonely Stalker-2". The first anniversary of the domain http://nikolaev.en.cx. was celebratedOrganizers gave introduction instructions, participants were registered, start …

was given

Waiting for start

Registration sheets - teams on low startare filled

Certificates of participants - without them won't help and won't prompt

From ammunition at players of an autoquest - convenient clothes (the camouflage is more often), GPS-navigators, the laptop, lamps and "yellow pages of Nikolaev".

Stickers from the ravine on a car - not obligatory, but pleasant attribute of participation in enkaunter

The map of the city - is irreplaceable and useful, but sharpness is all the same more important

"The fall slowly came into the own. I drove a hoarse horn warm rains, взвихряла the gold leaves which were inevitably flying from trees under feet by the passerby. The velvet evening sky which was pleasing to the eye by mad August shooting stars, gradually found quiet blue of September. And only one place around the world remained indifferent to all changes - Her Majesty of Sohn.
Only it didn't concern neither pouring rains, nor a leaf fall. Only there time passed not as around the world. Only there every day left towards to danger worse, than death, the people who have made risk the life. Stalkers …"

Here it, a tag (or "crape") - means in a radius of 20 m - a code

Yes, in the dark, when you don't see all this stuff around, and that isn't so terrible

And here the first task comes to a laptop - some lines in an epistolary genre - in intricate offers the direction in which it is necessary to move to the first location is hidden.And there - or the tag designating that in a radius of 20 meters from it the marker drew a code which needs to be entered to move to the following level, or there is an agent who will induce you to do something. And you will make it to receive a code.

You don't wish to take a night bath? - reminds a psychodelic picture in a genre a horror

We had to embroider only, but happened that participants happened to arrange amateur performance displays - verses, songs, pantomimes.

Game begins at 21.00 and comes to an end in the morning - and праздношатающихся gapers less, and to disturb there is nobody. Nevertheless, there are excesses - this time when at night about 30 people in a camouflage and with lamps ransacked round one house in search of codes, sympathizing ubiquitous grannies made the assumption that mined the house. On questions of the curious - "And what you here look for - with? " it is better to answer laconically - "Cat". While it is necessary to play in locations within the city - not to avoid communication with curious people.

Ill-fated code - only 25-й... From association of nouns it is better to abstract - they cast a depression..

But the further in the wood, as they say, the fatter generals. After the task, consisting of structure of products came, and Google reported that it is the recipe of the Guryev porridge, crews rushed off in Guryevka of the Nikolaev area. There teams expected the thrown cowsheds, some of which were meters on 20 in length. These dilapidated, badly smelling, with the dried-up traces of digestive activity of the cows, faunae of insects teeming with representatives, in outer darkness these constructions settled down approximately on two square kilometers. Here it was necessary to find 33 codes. The rain started drizzling, boots kneaded dirt of a strange consistence with the broken glasses, the lamp at all didn't shine the thrown cowshed at all length, the torn loops of mouldering doors hysterically creaked … Examining each brick in search of a code, eyes tensely "scanned" the image. Through a couple of hours laborious mega - search many representatives of teams started inquiring after about health of organizers and on - kind to wish them much summer … Process was madly fascinating, though difficult.

Whether you here are checked, afraid of the dark, the closed spaces, spiders... (list never-ending)

Game ended in the morning, when already thoroughly it is light.Tired, but crews very happy with gathered in a place of the last location, congratulated each other on the end of game and parted to have a rest. By results of game won the free@style teams, Stalkers of FORCE, Boxers - 1, 2 and 3 place respectively. Winners will receive rewards and symbolical prizes.

Attention, sharpness, speed and good lamp - the integral attributes of an enkaunter

And in two weeks the city of Nikolaev is expected by the next shake-up - the game "The Full Anthology of Dialogues of the Serf Yard Keeper Gerasim and Mu's His Doggie — Mu" … Promising title, truth?

It is possible to get to the ENcounter'ов team through acquaintances or on a site nikolaev.en.cx. It is game for people with good sharpness, attentiveness and endurance. Also good knowledge of the city and equipment minimum is desirable. And then the night city can throw down a challenge safely!


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