The State Office of Public Prosecutor forbade GAI to fine secretly drivers "Vizier"

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The state automobile inspection forbade to punish violators, being based only on indications of "Vizier".

As reported to the newspaper "Today", the chief a press - services of the Prosecutor General's Office Yury BOYCHENKO, the State Office of Public Prosecutor made the instruction to the chief of GAI of Ukraine Sergey KOLOMIYTSU with the requirement to stop fining road violators without their permission. That is, now, according to GPU instruction, GAI officers have to stop drivers and together with them to make the protocol, instead of it is simple to fix "Vizier" speed excess, to write out penalties and to send by mail "happiness letters".

If the instruction isn't carried out, the driver can file a lawsuit, reported Yu.BOYChENKO.

GPU considers that use of "Vizier" only for fixing of violations doesn't answer constitutional laws, and also the Law "About Militia". "Actions of GAI which only fixes violations, contradict requirements of Art. 10 of the Law "About Militia" according to which the militia has to stop administrative offenses", - one of points of the instruction of the State Office of Public Prosecutor says.

According to department, lately only in Donetsk and Ternopol areas courts cancelled more than 100 resolutions of inspectors of GAI on payment of penalties (violations were removed on "Vizier").

The chief a press - services GAI Nina HMELEVSKAYA told that before acquaintance with documents of GAI doesn't make comments on the instruction of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.


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