The Nikolaev GAI officers and executive service already go behind penalties home to drivers

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Actions for improvement of methods of fight against breakers of rules of traffic, usually, have to come to the end logically with payment of the penalties inflicted either inspectors of GAI, or court. However violators in every possible way try to delay that unpleasant moment when in the form of frank repentance for a perfect offense it is necessary to leave a certain sum of the blood monetary accumulation for the sake of replenishment of the state treasury. Here on the arena there is the Public executive service which functions just and consist in ensuring the actual collecting the penalties imposed on violators in the terms provided by the legislation, tells a press - service UGAI in the Nikolaev area.

Function, we will tell at once, difficult because to find and summon money from the malicious defaulter who on the contrary, tries to avoid a meeting with representatives of the Law, demands certain efforts. Therefore the State traffic inspectorate and the Public executive service combined efforts and the general group of representatives of both structures weekly pay visits to defaulters on a place of their accommodation. The addresses very often specified by violators don't answer the valid place of their accommodation. In certain cases are addresses on which they are registered where parents or other relatives when debtors live, for example, in the capital live them. In that case visitors leave to owners of the room special calls on which defaulters have to be in executive service in a certain time.

In general the violator according to requirements of article 307 of the Code about administrative offenses is given the term of so-called voluntary payment of a penalty - till 15 days. Penalties are brought by the offender in establishment of bank of Ukraine, on receipt of the receipt on penalty payment, the driver has to provide it to State traffic inspectorate subsection in a residence. In case of failure to pay a penalty in the pyatnadtsatidnevny time, the resolution on imposing of a penalty it is sent by GAI subsections for compulsory execution to departments of the public executive service of a residence of the offender, and then concerning them executive implementation is carried out.

Eventually, the debtor should pay off with debts, but with involvement of executive service it will be to it much more expensive: the double sum of the penalty appointed by court plus 10% of executive collecting. Otherwise property of the defaulter can seize. Is on what to reflect!

And already we have positive results of noted raids. Since the beginning of year to executive service of the city the staff of GAI directed over 29 thousand resolutions on total amount of 6 million hryvnias. Today the considerable part of these means already got to the state treasury.

However, it is necessary to notice that since the beginning of the current year the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area with introduction in action of the new legislation which provides strengthening of administrative responsibility for violation of Traffic regulations revealed nearly 160 thousand various violations of traffic regulations for total amount more than 15 million hryvnias.


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