To the Nikolaev car owners on a note: how to keep the car and not to fall a victim of thieves

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Thefts of cars remain one of the most widespread and most profitable types of "criminal business". For example, only in the territory of the Nikolaev area since the beginning of this year 75 cases of stealing of motor transport were recorded, fortunately, 60 cars by means of inspectors of GAI were succeeded to find and return to owners. About it reports sector of public relations of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Statistically most often cars steal at night when the majority of drivers leaves the cars without supervision near houses. Sometimes cases of stealings meet and in the afternoon, as a rule, it occurs near supermarkets, the markets and restaurants. At the Nikolaev thieves expensive foreign cars, and cars of a domestic production as they aren't so well protected as expensive models enjoy popularity not.

It is possible to reduce probability of stealing of the car if to adhere to the following councils:

- leaving the car even for short time, take out keys from the ignition lock, whether check well doors are closed, don't forget to put the car on the emergency brake;

- don't park the car in solitudes if it is necessary to leave the car for the night, choose the shined place which is well looked through;

- don't leave the car on parking with a full tank;

- don't trust strangers keys from the car;

- don't leave in car salon money and valuable things;

- make an engraving on the least protected parts of the car (a windshield, front position lamps, a radio receiver, wheels, tires), then in case of their theft, they will be much easier to be found and identified.

If from you nevertheless stole the car, it is necessary to report immediately about stealing according to number 102, having specified thus car number, brand, color, special differences and numbers of units.The person on duty will at once transfer this information to all divisions of law-enforcement bodies, including the State traffic inspectorate.


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