"Youth games" on - Nikolaev: disorder of the Jewish sector on a cemetery, an arson of the garbage container

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On May 1 the elderly citizen reported about an act of vandalism in the Jewish sector on an old cemetery. There werethe broken 9 monuments, including put on a grave of his mother. The vandals who have "had fun" long before visit of a cemetery calling, are looked for by militia.
On May 3 in the game Imperial hall on Lenin Ave., 77there was a short circuitthe illuminated sign. Bulbs and fell down... Fire put out.
On April 30, on the eve of "long days off", the frolicing youth splashed out the energy on... the brand new plastic garbage container standing on the carriageway of Moskovskaya St. at the house No. 18. Such containers now it is much established around the city, but the first this underwent an arson.
On May 5the garbagelit up in a house No. 3 dustbin on Karpenko St. In this two-access 9 storey building the whole day there was no light: I burned out an electrocable between a cellar and panel board. Someone's evil will added works to emergency crew of ZhEK "Corundum — X".
On May 4 the "padded" electrosupport deprived of the electric power of inhabitants of the area "a garden Petrovsky" - werehousesare disconnected on st. 8-й Military, Konopatny and others.


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