GP "The Delta — the Pilot": "Subjective and distorted information was distributed to a press - conferences in news agency of the UNIAN"

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On October 14 in news agency of the UNIAN took place a press - conference on a subject "Willfulness in sea branch: whether navigation in waters of Ukraine is safe? ", on which representatives of the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" primary trade-union organization acted.

Press - service GP "The Delta — the Pilot" declares that subjective and distorted information was distributed to a press - conferences and offers official data of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" below.

1. Really, for all 2008 on GP "The Delta — the Pilot" staff reduction took place: only 29 employees administratively - the administrative personnel were dismissed at the total number of 1478 people, i.e. - 2%, instead of 10% as it was declared on a press - conferences.

From the dismissed 29 employees 4 were employed further (within a year saving of the privilege) on other vacancies which appeared at the enterprise.

Only 12 dismissed employees submitted to courts claims about restoration at work and payment during the compelled truancy. From them:

- 7 claims are already considered by judicial instances and decisions by which it is refused satisfaction of claim requirements of employees are passed and is recognized legality of actions of administration. These decisions already entered validity (including 2 passed the Supreme Court of Ukraine);

- according to 1 statement of claim (accountant Bachurina Elena Aleksandrovna) by a judgment of the first instance it is refused satisfaction of claim requirements. The judgment of the first instance is cancelled by a judgment of appeal instance and the claim is satisfied in full. GP "The Delta — the Pilot" appeal on this solution of the appeal it is accepted definition of the Supreme Court of Ukraine to consideration, and the decision of appeal instance is suspended;

- according to 2 statements of claim court sessions didn't take place yet;

- 1 person refused the claim;

- 1 statement of claim is left without consideration because of absence of the claimant.

2. Statements for deterioration of a security status of navigation in Ukraine after change of the management of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" in 2008 aren't true.We offer official statistical data for 2007, 2008 and 2009

In 2007 number of the emergency sea incidents (ESI) - 27 (the director - Bezdolny V. V.). In 2008 - 15 AMP (since 31.01.2008 the director - Golodnitsky A.G. ) from which 4 - for January, 2008 (the period of the guide of Bezdolny V. C). Thus number of pilot works in both years almost equally 63 000 and 63 719 respectively. In 9 months 2009 - only 4 AMP during nearly 40 000 pilot works.

Thus, the statistics of 2007-2008 inevitably testifies just to accurate reduction (almost twice! ) emergency incidents in the period of Golodnitsky A.G. guide.

3. It is doubtful as sounded information on lack of the actions directed on modernization of infrastructure objects and improvement of work in the sphere of safety of navigation.

On November 27, 2008 the State commission of the Feodosiysky City Council approved the acceptance Act in ARLP "Feodosiya" operation.

On December 12, 2008 the deputy minister of transport Rabotnevy V. G. approved the Act of acceptance of PRDS "Feodosiya" in trial operation.

The Mintranssvyaz order of October 13, 2008 No. 1248 for the first time established tariffs for services of service of regulation of movement of the vessels "Feodosiya".

On March 26, 2009 the Ministry of Justice registered "Rules of swimming and pilot pilotage in затоке Feodosiya, on raids of sea trade port Feodosiya and on approaches to it", approved by the order of Ministry of Transport of March 3, 2009 No. 115.

All above on the example of modernization of Feodosiysky division of the enterprise testifies just to system and synchronized work of new administration of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" since February, 2008 and is directed on decrease in accident rate and improvement of conditions for safety of navigation in a zone of responsibility of the enterprise (in particular, in water areas of Feodosiysky MTP and the gulf "Feodosiya").

In May, 2008 the regional service of regulation of movement of the vessels (RS RDS) "Danube" is for the first time put in trial operation.

In May, 2009, after nearly 7 years of trial operation, the post of regulation of movement of vessels (PRMV) "Youzhny" is put in continuous operation.

4. The question connected with construction of the protecting dam of GSH "Danube — the Black Sea", administration of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and, in particular, Alexander Golodnitsky, made comments repeatedly. But opponents in the person of the previous head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Bezdolny V. V.and his colleagues with enviable persistence exaggerate it again and again, without adducing any proof accusing of various violations.

We will address to the same statistics. The comparative table and photographic materials (are attached) as well as possible illustrate a condition of construction of a dam during the periods 2007/2008gg.

In 2009 construction of a dam is carried out by other contractor, but the pictures taken by means of aerial photograph still in August, 2009, testify to full performance of work and the closest end of this part of the project.

According to Article 47 of the Law of Ukraine "About information" which provides responsibility for distribution of data which aren't true, honor and dignity of the person, a request discredit by preparation of materials about GP "The Delta — the Pilot" to use the official data, provided a press - enterprise service. The violation of the law of Ukraine about information involves disciplinary, гражданско - legal, administrative or criminal responsibility according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Being guided by Art. 23 of Civil Code of Ukraine in case of harming of business reputation, the legal entity has the right for compensation of moral damage, namely:

1. The person has the right for compensation of the moral damage caused owing to violation of its rights.

2. The moral damage consists in harming of business reputation of the legal entity. According to explanations of Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, provided in the resolution "About Use by Courts of the Legislation Regulating Protection of Honour, Advantage and Business Reputation of Citizens and the Organizations" of September 28, 1990 with the following changes, in cases of distribution of data which humiliate reputation of the legal entity, the last has the right will appeal to court with requirements about their denial and compensation of moral damage.


State enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot"No. 29 for the purpose of improvement of conditions of safety of navigation, and also streamlining of structure of sea pilot services is created by the order of the Ministry of transport of Ukraine of 04.02.1998 in Is northern - the Western part of the Black Sea.

The enterprise has in an arsenal specialized fleet - 20 pilot boats, 2 pro-measured boats, a tow of an ice class.NumberGP "The Delta — the Pilot" - 1478 employees.

In 2008 of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" received the certificate of National authority of Ukraine on certification (The register of navigation of Ukraine) which testifies to compliance of a control system of quality of the enterprise to DSTU ISO 9001-2001 requirements.

Net profit for the I half-year 2009 - 193,7 million UAH

Press - service GP "The Delta — the Pilot"

Natalia Zhilinkova


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