Maneuvers Nikolaev Mchsnikov on the range

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Every year divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area more than 4 thousand times leave on various incidents, accidents, fires. Every day on a signal "alarm" rescuers hurry to the aid. At this moment every minute is expensive and therefore at a wheel of "a steel horse" there has to be always a skilled driver, the expert.

Skill of drivers pozharno - saving cars can envy only. To operate the multiton car which has been fully completed by ognetushashchy substances and a survival equipment, quite difficult, especially streets of our city. The fighting division has to arrive to each call no more than in 5 minutes therefore the privilege on the road is provided to rescuers. In real life all differently. Not each of participants of traffic provides this advantage, not everyone realizes that rescuers have every second on the account on which human life sometimes depends.

So, on June 26, 2008 in the city of Nikolaev in the territory of military unit in Kulbakino's settlement, for the purpose of increase of professional skill of drivers of fire trucks, the Head department held competitions on a rank "The best driver of high-speed maneuvering". 15 firefighters of divisions of area took part in competitions. The best drivers were directed on competitions to show and teach the skill and ability to operate car of young staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Competitions consisted of three stages. At the first stage drivers had to quickly and pass correctly the certain distance consisting of nine elements. It is journey of around established diameter, journey by "snake", a stop "stop - the line", arrival on parking and in boxing, and at the end, a water fence from capacity the fire pump and giving by its fire trunk. Fighting expansion with participation of chiefs of divisions was the second stage. To the head it was given the chance to lift the authority and to show the skill to subordinates. Carrying out testing of drivers on knowledge of traffic regulations, and also specifications of the fire truck was a final third stage.

As the deputy chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Valery Semenov commented: "Exercises at competitions were most approached to work of drivers in actual practice and aimed at attention check, reaction speed, the umeniyechrezvychaynykh situations. These qualities are the main criteria of an assessment of professional skill of drivers".

By results of the competition, the best on high-speed maneuvering was Boyashenko Vyacheslav - the driver of SGPCh-5 on protection of the Novobugsky region of the Nikolaev area to which the rank "The best driver of high-speed maneuvering by the fire truck of 2008" is appropriated and the valuable present - the TV is handed over.


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