Swine flu will surely come to the Nikolaev area. But when in Ukraine there will be a vaccine against it – physicians

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In that a flu H1N1 virus, it - swine or Californian flu - will come sooner or later and to the Nikolaev area, any service doesn't doubt.

- There are all prerequisites that the pandemic of this flu will begin in the Nikolaev area soon, - the chairman of the regional organization "Red Cross"speaksLyudmila Krasnyuk. - To it promotes both migration of refugees, and low prosperity. The World Health Organization predicts that in Nikolayevshchina there will be a pandemic.

Physicians are afraid that such situation can cause a panic among the population.

It is worth being noted that before the virus was classified, it "walked on freedom" forty years. And only this year in Mexico it revealed and carried to a separate disease. Today the virus is revealed in 150 countries of the world, 300 thousand people ached, is recorded to 3 thousand deadly outcomes. However these figures inexact as not all cases are registered, not all patients ask for medical care.

About current situation and taken measures told on October 26 on board of management of health care, veterinary medicine, emergency situations, sanepidstantion, volunteers, and other services and associations.

- While in Ukraine the swine flu vaccine isn't present, - the manager epidotdely a regional sanepidstantionstatedOlga Sishchenko. - Plants which making this vaccine, first of all extend it in the country. And only after that, by the residual principle, can be at us there will be an opportunity to get it. While it isn't known when we will have a vaccine.

Despite it, physicians assure that, at all without having the virus H1N1 vaccine, it is possible to use a usual flu vaccine is won't give a guarantee that the Californian flu can be avoided, however the disease will proceed in much easier form.

Besides, even in the absence of a flu H1N1 virus vaccine, there are antiviral preparations.

- The stock of medicines against the Californian flu is created, - the deputy head of department of health carespeaksYury Dyachuk. - About 140 thousand hryvnias are allocated for these purposes for the Nikolaev area. It is important to note that flu H1N1 proceeds just as also usual flu. It is possible to reveal it, only knowing, whether there was a person abroad, whether it communicated with a disease carrier.

Physicians are concerned that people don't want to take root. Connect it with a wide anti-advertizing of vaccines.

The greatest number of inoculations in the Nikolaev area was made in 2005 - after bright shots from television screens about bird flu more than 33 thousand inhabitants of area passed vaccination. During an epidemic season of 2008-2009, after the fatal cases connected with a vaccine against measles and a rubella, in the Nikolaev area from flu imparted no more than 12 thousand people.

This year 466 vaccination is done only. From them only two persons expressed desire to take root. The others are pupils of Bashtansky boarding school and children from Children's home. And that, in the latter case vaccination became possible only thanks to the sponsor.

Even medical workers as it was told on board, "are badly imparted" from - that from the budget money isn't allocated for vaccination.

The cost of one "portion" of a vaccine - from 70 hryvnias and above. Physicians emphasize that it is impossible to buy a vaccine in a drugstore and, проносив its some hours in a pocket, to stick. From - for violations of conditions of transportation from such vaccine there will be more harm. Therefore the vaccine has to be bought centrally and be transported in special refrigerators with a necessary temperature mode.

The main groups of risk treat: the people sick with cardiovascular diseases, pupils of boarding schools and special establishments, medical workers, teachers of schools and kindergartens, workers of spheres of trade, transport, the social sphere, and also employees of services who the first are involved in the centers of distribution of an infection - the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SES and others.

Today vaccination in Ukraine the exclusively voluntary. Any doctor can't induce the person to do vaccination. Physicians are ready to convince the population of need of vaccination. They call an inoculation the strongest security measure before a coming nearer pandemic.

One more way to protect itself from flu is use of gauze bandages, as Japanese do.However it is necessary to remember that it is possible to wear a gauze bandage no more than four watch.

As noted the chief infectiologist of areaNatalya Bryatko, those people who lead an active life with which all the time there is no time will have complications of flu.

- They say that epidemic of the same virus of flu as H1N1, was in 1918, - I toldLyudmila Krasnyuk. - But people from it all the same have no immunity. Also the young population is subject generally. Elderly people have generally a usual virus of flu.


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