In Nikolayevshchina the rivers to coast learned to return Mchsniki and to extinguish the bus with people

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The other day in Nikolayevshchina are carried out it is command - staff doctrines. For two days the administrative board of civil protection of the Nikolaev area, the commission on questions tekhnogenno - ecological safety and emergency situations at the regional state administration, the regional evacuation commission checked subordinated divisions in the Bereznegovatsky area.

The purpose of carrying out doctrines was definition of level of readiness and capacity of governing bodies and forces of civil protection of the Nikolaev area concerning the prevention and elimination of consequences of the emergency situations connected with complication of a meteorological situation.

During doctrines the task of improvement theoretical and practical навычек the organizations of carrying out rescue and other urgent efforts, the prevention, localizations and eliminations of consequences of emergency situations is set.

The strangeness of carrying out these doctrines was that the local executive authorities responsible in the sphere of civil protection, received a task as at real emergence of an emergency.

In advance it wasn't known what will be set the tasks. Responsible persons received envelopes with introduction and started working. Collected and held meeting of the commission of TEB and an emergency at the district state administration, a staff according to the prevention of emergence of an emergency and elimination of their consequences, and regional heads of services gave an assessment to their actions according to reaction plans.

The doctrine passed in 3 stages. The first 2 stages included 4 introduction: it was theoretically necessary to fulfill actions at emergence of threat of increase of a water level in basins of the rivers Ingulets and Visun with predicted flooding of nearby settlements. Further according to the forecast of the Nikolaev regional center of hydrometeorology the exit of the southern cyclone from the Balkans on Hugo - the East of Ukraine which is accompanied by a strong precipitation in the form of a rain with transition to snow, squally strengthening of a wind to 25-30 m/s and decrease in average daily temperature to - 5ºС was expected.

The following elements damaged to 50 kilometers of networks of power supply and telecommunication.

And the last introduction included pollution of a surface water and soil chemicals in connection with flooding.

Next day the 3rd stage consisted of 2 introduction: in an ice consequence the driver of the passenger Bogdan bus didn't manage to drive and carried out collision with truck which transported the tank with 10 tons of hydrochloric acid. 5 tons of acid as a result of accident got to surrounding environment. At the time of accident in the bus there were 43 persons. As a result dorozhno - transport incident 17 people, the others - victims were lost.

Accident seemed very real, was both fire and a smoke, rescuers extinguished a fire, deblocked victims, liquidated accident consequences. Meanwhile bodies of local government organized the population notification in connection with spill of dangerous liquid, carried out evacuation of people from a place struck with acid, and GAI regulated movement of cars in order to avoid accidents and didn't allow arrival on a dangerous site.

The following introduction consisted not how many in working off of actions at various situations, how many in demonstration. Display of special equipment of the Bereznegovatsky area where each service had opportunity to show was carried out, what equipment is on their arms and in case of an emergency will be used for its elimination.

According to the deputy chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev areas Valery Semenov: "authorities of the Bereznegovatsky area are capable to work correctly at emergence of different emergency situations which can threaten life and health to inhabitants of the area".


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