In Nikolaev the next case poisonings with mushrooms, this time - group

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On November 3 the group fact of poisoning was recorded by mushrooms of residents of Nikolaev which got them in the spontaneous market. The husband and the wife it was hospitalized in токсико - therapeutic offices of hospital of an emergency medical service of the city of Nikolaev in a condition of average weight.

And on November 2 at 18:00 in токсико - therapeutic offices of hospital of an emergency medical service of the city of Nikolaev it was hospitalized 31 - the summer local in a condition of average weight. According to the chief physician of the regional territorial Center of emergency medicine, to the patient it was treated full and on November 4 it wrote out.

In total since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area 6 cases are recorded by poisoning with mushrooms: 3 from which - group poisoning. As a result 9 people suffered. Fortunately nobody died.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns! If after the use of mushrooms you feel not very well or noticed unhealthy signs at the relatives - nausea, vomiting, a headache, hallucinations, belly-ache - immediately call the ambulance.

To its arrival wash out a stomach of 1-2 l of solution of potassium permanganate or salt solution, it is possible to make a cleaning enema. Drink a lot of liquid. Even at state improvement surely address to the doctor. Nedoyedennyy mushrooms don't throw out.

Their analysis will help doctors to define quicker a type of poison which got to an organism. Any self-treatment! Because, than more toxins will get to blood, especially poisoning will be heavy.

In foreign countries of poisoning with wild-growing mushrooms happen seldom as people almost don't gather mushrooms in the woods. So, to save itself and the family from poisoning with mushrooms, it is better to use field mushrooms and the chanterelles which have been grown up in greenhouses.
Remember! Collecting of mushrooms for the person is always "game with fire".

If you wish health to yourselves and the relatives, be careful! Don't risk the life! The mushroom picker as the sapper, is mistaken only once!


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