Traps underground even more often become the reason of tragedies

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Chronicle of the tragedy

13- summer Sasha and him 11 - the summer sister Lena on vacation parents leave at home one. As well as many parents, they are compelled to do it, working as all light day: the father - at plant, mother - on one of the large city enterprises. That day children also played in the yard. In the middle of it there is the former well from which in due time gathered water. Now at a well other mission: there dump all household garbage. But nearby it isn't known why there was a wooden drum for a bucket. The rope which why - that too nobody guessed is attached to a drum to remove. As well as to secure a hole nearly 5 meters in depth: it is covered with only tin leaf.

Playing near a hole, Sasha unexpectedly dropped there the mobile phone. The boy wanted it to get and went down on a rope. Having very quickly felt faintness, I started calling to the aid the sister. Lena which has come running on its call, saw the brother already lying at the bottom of a hole.

The girl was captured by a panic. It rushed on the street. The neighbor Mischa Starodub with the friend Dima stayed at home at. Without deliberating seconds, Mischa rushed off to the neighbour's yard. Without realizing all danger, on the same rope he went down to Sasha. Only some minutes - and poisonous gases worked and on it. Lena observing all this again ran for help. Dmitry who has appeared in time to an ill-fated hole guessed to close a face a towel not to inhale a poison and too hastened down. Still live Mischa to it almost managed to be lifted on a surface, but forces didn't suffice: To Dima it became bad. It departed from a hole. At that time around neighbors already gathered. Someone, seeing that not to consult any more, I guessed to call rescuers. However, in a similar situation it needed to be done at once. Employees abnormally - the Ministry of Emergency Situations saving group got down to work in special hose gas masks, having made strengthenings on a surface and having provided an insurance, and lifted Sasha and Mischa from a hole. Unfortunately, it wasn't succeeded to rescue victims any more: too much time was missed, and effect of fetid gases led to death.

Light memory

Buried children next day. In mourning now all street. All are shocked with the incident. Live here in peace and friendship, well knowing each other, the problems and pleasures divide, as in one big family. Sasha and Lena - stair-steppers, the brother for some months of elder sister, but studied they together in one class. "The appeasable, good boy, - responds about Sasha the neigbour. - I often go down the street with heavy bags, so Lena and Sasha will surely run up, will take away from me bags from hands: "The aunt Luda, we will help you! ". Now it isn't enough such sympathetic children".

The principal in whom Sasha studied, told that, releasing pupils on vacation, to them gave lecture about dangers which can trap in the city. What a pity that it didn't rescue the boy...

Mischa in the district know as the ready to help assistant in any business: to someone it helped to set up a fence, to repair gate, to another - to change a bulb, and the neigbour is grateful to it for the dug-out potato. The guy has gold hands, workmen. It both the builder worked, and to the father - the disabled person helped always with repair of the old car. Its quiet balanced character and open friendly smile very much were pleasant to people. Mischa had many friends. Passing by acquaintances, the guy surely spoke: "Hello, whom I didn't see! ", obviously, without wishing somebody to offend an inattention.

Unanimously all living nearby speak about what remarkable there were children. To a huge regret, it is necessary to speak about them in the past tense...

Near holes

Cesspools in this district of the city - not a rarity. To them got used as to inevitable attribute, at all without considering for inconvenience. There are they in each yard and on the street come quite often across the gaping openings which have been hardly covered with sheets of plywood yes with stones. Conceive someone bad, it even small effort will shift the fragile gate, and any passerby easily will get into such hole even in the afternoon.
Passing on such street, you start doubting: really outside HHI-й century? The civilization benefits in the form of the centralized water supply and the sewerage here only are selected. Those who was lucky, spent in at home water. But networks are brought not to all. Many in the old manner merge household waste in cesspools. And, seemingly, with this remnant of the past to inhabitants of the Watering place to live for a long time.
The tradition looks wild also to dump garbage in holes near own house. But people simply have no other exit.Inhabitants of First Bashtansky Lane told that the cars collecting garbage, on near streets don't appear. Dustmen also don't try to pass on the curves, incredibly confused small streets on which numerous holes are filled up with construction garbage and beaten glass.

But in local ZhEKE No. 10 of visitors forcibly force to pay for nonexistent export of solid household waste. Otherwise, residents speak, it is impossible to receive the uniform reference, or to change the book on payment for utilities. In response to fair questions of where to put garbage, housing and communal services floutingly suggest them to carry household stuff under the own steam on the next dumps... on Hersonskoye Highway or on the street of Kirov.

However, it is impossible to call a problem of cesspools local, concerning only inhabitants of the Watering place. Even in the center of Nikolaev it is possible to count a set of such places where directly in the middle of sidewalks on the most brisk places clumsy ugly wells settle down. They not only spoil appearance of our city, but also constitute real danger to pedestrians. Journalists of our edition know about similar tragedies, only not in the private yards, and on city streets. For example, a few years ago, on Novobugskaya Street the man failed in such deepening in the earth, coming back in the evening from work, and was lost in it.

Hardly covered hole settles down on Karl Liebknecht Street. About a fetid place on the street 68 - ми paratroopers on crossing with 1-й Slobodskoy are known by students of the State university of Pyotr Mogila, daily passing by on occupations. I think, as our readers would add this row with numerous examples.

How many it is necessary still tragedies that the city authorities and officials responsible for it paid attention to this problem and seriously thought over its decision? This question is addressed first of all to protection department of surrounding environment of the Nikolaev city council.


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