In Nikolayevshchina the pensioner found an artillery shell and very quietly came with it home - now a kitchen garden of the man protect Mchsniki

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Yesterday, on November 10, about 12.30 inhabitant of the village Galitsinovo Zhovtnevogo of the region of the Nikolaev area, vypasy cattle, found an artillery shell of caliber of 152 mm, Great Patriotic War times.

As reports the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area, ignorance of elementary rules at detection of explosive subjects led to that 60 - the summer pensioner simply took a shell under a mouse and went with it home. It should be noted that the found explosive subjects, long time being in the earth or water, represent still big danger. From - for humidity at interaction of metal and explosive chemical compounds - пикраты (outside they have an appearance of white powdery outgrowths), which burst even with small friction, a small spark or insignificant blow are formed.

The man safely brought an explosive subject to himself home, without reflecting at all on to what it endangers itself(himself) and the relatives. Already then the pensioner remembered National service of rescue and called according to number 101.

Now on a kitchen garden of the man where the dangerous find lies, protection is exposed. An application for neutralization of an explosive subject is submitted to pyrotechnic department of the Main regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. As reported in the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area, the artillery shell will be neutralized tomorrow.

It is necessary to notice that such cases when people find explosive subjects and bring them home, in militia or in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is far not the single. Therefore, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds: "When finding explosive subjects it is necessary to report about it in the Ministry of Emergency Situations - by phone 101, or in militia - by phone 102; to protect a find place; not to try to neutralize or get independently explosive subjects; if found explosive subjects children - urgently to report about it to adults. It is forbidden to touch and move explosive subjects categorically! ".


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