Radiation threat in Dnepropetrovsk

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Ecologists declare radiation hazard for the Dnepropetrovsk area. It is a question of storages of the former plant on enrichment of military uranium of "BAZ S" and "Sukhachevskoye" which state experts call emergency.

The special commission conducted planned examinations of a condition of storages of the radioactive remains of production. According to one of members of the commission Pavel Hazan, level the scale - radiations in their territories exceeds norm by 20 times.

From - for shortages of funds for protection plunderers of metal actually completely destroyed system of water pump stations and pipelines which pumped water on the territory of storages. Therefore the irrigation of their surface which protected surrounding territories from distribution of a radioactive dust, is stopped. From - for it on a surface "radioactive beaches" to which agricultural grounds closely adjoin were formed so-called. On them by a wind erosion annually gets to 300 tons of a radioactive dust, ecologists declare.

According to experts, it is urgently necessary to make an assessment of a condition of the bottom protective layer of storage to investigate, whether dangerous substances get to ground and river waters. However on it money is necessary. And from three state programs within which it was planned to create effective system of monitoring of a condition of the storages, still any doesn't work.


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