In GAI consider that only penalties it is possible to force to use seat belts

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In GAI of Ukraine emphasize importance of use of seat belts during movement in the car, and also note that only penalties will be able to accustom citizens to use these means of protection.

As reports a press - service of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine, among many motorists there is an opinion that seat belts in salon of the car are necessary no more, than a scenery element. "Some sincerely experience surprise when the inspector of GAI does the remark concerning non-use of seat belts and makes the protocol on violation of traffic regulations. The most naive even address by phone of "the hot line" in Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine with a request to punish "dashing GAI officers", - emphasized in department.

Such frivolous relation of drivers to this problem in GAI explain with misunderstanding by citizens of need of use of seat belts during driving. As showed the analysis dorozhno - transport incidents which was carried out in many countries of the world, probability of a deadly outcome for drivers who use a seat belt, decreases by 2,11 times, and for passengers - in 3,1 from road accident total.

Similar data are and concerning receiving by drivers and passengers of heavy injuries. For those who uses a seat belt, risk to be lost during frontal blow decreases by 2,3 times, and by 5 times - at a car turning. In GAI note that during collision at a speed of 80 km/h energy which is capable to throw one tone on height nearly 30 meters, i.e. above the seventh floor is emitted. "It isn't surprising that chances to survive in such conditions aren't present even if to use a seat belt", - speak in department.

But such situation can be avoided. After all seat belts which fix position of the driver in the car, give the chance to it to operate the vehicle even in extreme, emergencies. In many cases they allow the driver not to lose control over a car, help to avoid road accident or, at least, to soften its consequences.

Statistically, about 60-70% of deadly consequences of road accident occurred just because people deliberately didn't use seat belts. If to translate abstract percent into more usual language of figures, it will turn out that from 100 lost people 60-70 could remain live. Road accidents rather wounded in time, 84% of total of all victims, as a rule, take to hospitals with cherepno - brain injuries. And seat belt application practically excludes possibility of traumatizing of the head.

Also in GAI note that experience of many countries showed that no councils and installations can be more effective, than punishment. Even in England which inhabitants are known for the discipline, seriously safety started belonging to means only after introduction of its obligatory use. For example, in Great Britain the penalty for not fastened belt makes about 500 pounds sterling ($722), in France - to 1 thousand kroner ($134), in Israel - 380 shekels ($88). "In Ukraine the violator should lay out from 51 to 85 hryvnias. And causes it squall of emotions! ", - speak in department.

"Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of drivers and passengers don't realize importance of use of a seat belt to destination. There is a wish to remind those who considers use of seat belts by a private matter that during movement the driver is responsible not only for the safety, not only for safety of the passenger, but also for safety of everything who is the participant of traffic", - summarized in GAI.


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