Terrorists today "didn't bomb Nikolaev", it were … soldiers - peacekeepers

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Today many nikolayevets if didn't frighten, very much excited the sounds which were distributed in the city of explosions and firing which it was well audible in Salt and in the center of Nikolaev. In our edition some phone calls arrived: citizens were interested: what is going on? " and "Where shoot? ".

In the Ministry of Emergency Situations we were told that in the city no states of emergency happened and it, probably, the Ministry of Defence carries out any doctrines on the Ternovsky range. The head of department of Management a press - services of the Ministry of Defence of UkraineKonstantin Sadilov, I confirmed that sounds which so excited citizens, reach from the Ternovsky range.

"Now on the Ternovsky range the staff of the VS separate helicopter group of Ukraine of forces of Mission of the UN in Liberia which in December of this year is going to leave for Liberia prepares for rotation. It goes preparation of the new peacekeeping contingent", - K. Sadilov told.

According to him, the helicopter group can have versatile tasks, for example, delivery of humanitarian freights. As MI-24 are fighting helicopters of tactical aircraft, their crew can patrol the territory therefore within preparation, K. Sadilov told, fighting firing practice from air on the land purposes is carried out.

"It is one of preparation elements. On a case of emergence of the conflict directly there, in Africa, our helicopters from air should cover peacekeeping forces", - Konstantin Sadilov explained. Also he reported that preparation for rotation is already on a finishing phase, and within the preparation pass both trainings, and flights, and firing practice including.

"The Nikolaev inhabitants can be quiet", - the head of department of Management certified a press - services of the Ministry of Defence.

On a question, whether nikolayevets are involved in preparation, Konstantin Sadilov answered:

- Probably, there are also nikolayevets as the contingent which there now prepares, is created on the basis of helicopter group which is deployed in Hersonshchina. Therefore there can be and children a sort from Nikolayevshchina.

We will remind that "Crime.Isn't present" already told to the readers that now there takes place training of the military personnel of the new - 12-й rotation 56-го the VS separate helicopter group of Ukraine of forces of Mission of the UN in Liberia. Within a week future soldiers - peacekeepers pass tests on special and inzhenerno - technical training.

In particular, on November 17, hundred-kilometer march with the military personnel who are candidates for positions of drivers, and a platoon of protection was carried out carried out exercises from small arms on the Ternovsky range.


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