Raid of rescuers on cellars: everything is cluttered up, and at ЖЭКов there are no keys even from entrance doors

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With cold weather approach of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and housing and communal services of the city of Nikolaev expect increase in the number of fires in houses and basements.|kommunalnik |

According to operational data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, only since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area 21 fires in a basement were registered. Reasons of these fires the different: the thrown stub, stay in cellars of people without a certain drunk residence, kindling of a fire by them for heating etc.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area initiated on November 25|golovny ||инициирует |carrying out road checks of basements in houses. The house, being on Volodarsky Street, 3 became the first of the list. Workers were involved in check zhilishchno - the operational enterprises, local militia inspectors, activists from among inhabitants of houses. House cellars became object of check. The raid purpose - prevention of fires and the emergencies which responsible become as the homeless choosing places of a possible lodging for the night and heating in basements, and residents of the house.

Raid as it was found out didn't manage to begin that that representatives housing and communal services have no keys. All locks were put by inhabitants of the three-access house and distributed basement utility rooms between itself. By the legislation responsibility for garret and a basement is born by ZhEKI, namely: the maintenance of rooms in a due look, installation of locks. Basement "clutter" inhabitants of the house horrified all. It was possible to observe empty container, old building materials, furniture, boards, cardboard boxes, old doors and even newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda" of 1988 of release. And everything can lead it to a fire - the thrown stub or a match in a ventilating window. Besides residents of houses have to understand that in case of breakage or pipe break workers of ZhEKA won't be able even elementary to block water. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations spent informing of inhabitants at home about fire safety regulations and safe activity.Spoke about danger of "clutter" of cellars building wastes and other unnecessary things. About phones by which it is necessary to address in case of accident or other household problem. The inspector of the State fire supervision upon termination of raid wrote out instructions to the head of ZhEKA on elimination of available violations - to clarification of all basements from garbage and their reduction in a due look. Framework of implementation of instructions is designated, and they will be surely checked by the inspector on quality of performance. The revealed shortcomings of the checked house are characteristic to a bolshestvo of houses of the city of Nikolaev. For the purpose of prevention of fires in inhabited sector the State fire supervision of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area during the period performs from October to December 16 the operation "Giles". Within this operation will be checked without fail basement and garrets. On the termination the results will be summed up.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns! Ahead of 5 months of a heating season, also you shouldn't forget about timely reduction in an appropriate fireproof condition of the housing. Your life and life of your relatives depends on it first of all.|луны ||otopitelny ||kasatelno ||podobayushchy ||стан |


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