Rescuers claim: the Nikolaev markets are unsafe

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For the purpose of the prevention and prevention of emergence of fires in the markets the State fire supervision of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area organized a number of test raids on the markets which passed since October 20 until the end of November. For this term employees of fire supervision checked 45 markets in regions of area and 21 markets in the city. During raids a number of shortcomings which are inherent in almost all checked markets was revealed.

By results of checks it is established that about 30% of the markets carry out the activity without allowing documents from bodies of the state fire supervision. At present in some markets are carried out stroitelno - installation works on reconstruction of outdated pavilions and booths on new malls without development of project documentation, reports "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" The center of promotion of GUMChS in the Nikolaev area.

In this regard fire-prevention distances between malls and existing houses aren't sustained, there are no drives for fire trucks in the territory of the markets. All this testifies that in case of ignition, the fire truck won't be able elementary to approach a scene and to give help.

After introduction in operation of warehouse, trade rooms, shops, pavilions their replanning with violation of fire-prevention requirements is self-willedally carried out.

For 33% of the markets there are no schemes of placement of malls. Systems of the automatic fire alarm system are mounted in all markets, but not all rooms of buildings and trade pavilions are protected by it.

For 80% of the markets and complexes of trade pavilions issues according to the conclusion of agreements on service and a conclusion of a signal to the panel of the centralized supervision of fire protection aren't resolved. The management of the markets doesn't resolve issues on processing by fireproof solution of wooden and metal designs, roofs of pavilions and buildings.

In an unsatisfactory state power supply networks practically all markets of the city are operated. Objects aren't provided with primary fire extinguishing means in enough the majority from which (fire extinguishers) need maintenance.

Almost in all markets of the city of Nikolaev fire boards aren't completed with necessary fire-prevention stock for hundred percent. The maintenance of ways of evacuation in the markets satisfactory, but a condition of drives, entrances and passes in the territory and in buildings of the markets leaves much to be desired.

There is a number of the markets in which fire-prevention distances between ranks of containers aren't sustained, pavilions and buildings, are absent or longitudinal and cross drives are cluttered up. The corresponding plans of evacuation of people and equipment in case of fire emergence in the territory of all markets aren't developed. Work on carrying out instructing and occupations with employees of the markets concerning fire safety is carried out in all markets of the city, but, unfortunately, by the officials responsible for a fire-prevention condition of the markets, special training according to the program pozharno - a technical minimum isn't taken place.

For violation of the rules of fire safety, and failure to meet requirements of the state fire supervision, specified in instructions, during carrying out the last check 44 officials are brought to administrative responsibility. Operation over 15 objects, the markets located in territories was temporarily suspended. All above-mentioned shortcomings inherent in all markets of our area and that decrease in the number of fires is observed today, still means nothing. All problems need the timely decision, and from the Ministry of Emergency Situations further control of elimination of fire-prevention shortcomings is established.


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