The Ministries of Emergency Situations - nicknames closed Nikolaev русдрам theater because in it the fire extinguishing system

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After a recent fire in night club - cafe in Perm where more than hundred people were lost, precautionary measures accepted and in Nikolaev.

Now in the academic Russian dramatic theater which is on Admiralskaya Street, plays are suspended, doors are closed, the audience there any more don't let. Since yesterday the theater is closed.

As told to the correspondent "Nikvestya" the head of the Center of promotion of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of area Pavel Petrov, theater didn't execute the following items:

- carrying out actions of fire-prevention protection which influence safe evacuation of people;

- reduction in a working order of automatic fire-prevention protection, system of detection and suppression of fires;

- safe carrying out cultural - mass actions.

As the theater doesn't observe listed points, the resolution on application of precautionary measures is accepted and put in action.

At the theater say, what not everything is so simple and, probably, it isn't a fire extinguishing system, and in the future elections.

The theater director Nikolay Kravchenko told that the theater fire extinguishing system really doesn't work. But, according to him, the theater for many years worked in the conditions of much the worst, than today.

- There was time when we even had no fire extinguishers, - he speaks.

Nikolay Kravchenko considers as the reason of emergence of a problem difficulties with carrying out reconstruction of theater.

- Reconstruction and repair of theater were stopped when Alexander Sadykov became the governor of the Nikolaev area, - he told. - Financing of repair equaled to zero. And four years the theater didn't receive any money. The fire extinguishing system became useless. And "Pozhservice" takes only those fire-prevention systems which are given to a working condition on service.

Money for repair of the Russian theater is planned since the beginning of year. But began to receive their institution about a week ago.

As "blockade" русдрама will long hold on, it isn't known.

- It will proceed until someone from responsible persons won't assume responsibility and won't make the strong-willed decision, yet won't set the task and won't establish terms of its performance.For now there is an unregulated process, - told to the correspondent "Nikvestya" Nikolay Kravchenko.


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