About a condition of road conditions in Ukraine: from Nikolaev to Kherson too "the way is ordered"

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According to Hydrometeorological center forecast from December 17 to December 21 in the territory of the country conditions difficult to weather (snow, blizzards), in the southern and east part in places heavy snowfalls, snow drifts, in the Crimea in places ice and sleet sticking are expected.

For last days movement of the motor transport in the territory of Odessa region was limited.

Due to the big intensity of a precipitation in the form of snow, restriction of visibility and formation of snow drifts, for the purpose of prevention of complications in traffic and commission preventions dorozhno - transport adventures under conditions of an unsatisfactory road condition in territories of some areas:

1. ) Movement of public and cargo transport on sites of roads of Odessa region is limited:

Odessa - Rennie, km 80 - km 135;

Odessa - The gulf B. Dnistrovsky - Monasha, km 44 - km 49;

Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk, km 42 - km 46;

Odessa - Kuchurgana, km 55 - km 69.

Odessa - Ilyichevsk, km 8 - km 15.

Odessa - Chernomorka, from Williams St. to пгт Chernomorka.

Free journey (on the service territory) on highways Kiev - Odessa and Kirovograd - Platonovoye is provided.

2. ) Movement of vehicles in the Kherson area on the highway Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk and on a highway Genichesk site - Shooting, to km 2+840, and km 3+160 is limited.

3. ) Limited movement of vehicles in the Nikolaev area on the highway Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk in the direction of Kherson (in connection with closing of movement on the shown road the territory of the Kherson area).

4. ) The complicated movement of vehicles on the following sites of highways of the Zaporozhye area:

Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk, km 540 - km 570;

Zaporozhye - Mariupol, km 100 - km 122;

Dnepropetrovsk - Melitopol, km 164 - km 178;

Borispol - Dnopropetrovsk - Zaporozhye, km 436 - km 470.

For the purpose of prevention of complications and commission preventions dorozhno - transport incidents under conditions of an unsatisfactory road condition in regions are involved in traffic of 986 units of special equipment.

On officials of road (municipal) services employees of the State traffic inspectorate made 37 administrative reports and 28 instructions on elimination of the revealed shortcomings are issued.

Information about dorozhno - the transport incidents which accompanying cause the slippery road or a snow setup was, didn't arrive.

The condition of work dorozhno - the municipal organizations for the contents ulichno - a road network of the country is on continuous control, reports a press - service of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine.


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