The Nikolaev fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on second day won against a fire 15 storey building

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Fire in the inhabited fifteen-floor house down the street Nikolaev, 34, begun in the apartment on the 13th floor in the environment

, firefighters managed to extinguish only today late at night. In total on suppression of the lit-up apartment at the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations over 36 hours left.

About 12:00, on December 16, residents of the fifteen-storey building felt a smell of burning, and saw also the tongues of flame escaping from windows later. Called firefighters. And here began. When firefighters arrived into place, it appeared that fire hydrants don't work at one of floors - they are cut simply off from water supply. Besides, the owner of the burning apartment for many years pulled down to himself home any stuff which has been picked up on the street. As a result the apartment to a ceiling was filled with the pressed paper, plastic, rags, etc. As a result, when the firefighter everything is it was succeeded to pump water on 13-й a floor it appeared that fire already got in the pressed garbage. "the effect of a peat bog" was gained - firefighters managed to fill in something outside, and inside the garbage continued to smolder. More than ten hours of fire extinguishing later Mchsnikam the only thing that it was succeeded to make is to pull out a body of the owner who apparently choked with a smoke from the apartment. And only after more than 36 hours the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations nevertheless managed to cope with raged fire.

In this situation inhabitants of the fifteen-storey building became hostages. It is impossible to be in apartments - attempts to fill in burning garbage ended with that the apartments which are from below, were filled in with water. At people the furniture, equipment is spoiled, on walls plaster, etc. fell off. Ladder flights almost completely iced over and it became difficult to move on them without climbing equipment. On all entrance the steady smell of burning is caught. The apartment which is on the 14th floor suffered also. Considering the huge temperature of burning of the pressed garbage, the apartment "was gradually roasted", as if on a frying pan. From temperature and the increased humidity полопались walls in some apartments both on 13 - m, and on 14 - m floors. Next with burned down the apartment became covered by a thick black coating.

At present to the fifteen-storey building "overtook" for workers who throw out the hugest quantity of not burned down garbage from windows and balconies. In the burned-down apartment it is possible to judge quantity of stuff at least to that some cars of garbage are taken already out, and it still continue to throw out. As a result, before an entrance the mountain was formed of the various rags covered with a soot, plastic, etc. Standing near the poplar house from - for flying from above garbage now became more similar to the New Year trees decorated with toys. Here only as toys on branches of trees it is possible to observe the scorched remains of garbage.

Residents of affected apartments now are simply in a panic state. All are set same a question: "Where to us to live further? ". And weather on the street good doesn't promise anything - weather forecasters predict only strengthening of frosts.


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