Warm hearts in an icy cold and frosts rescued the Nikolaev animals

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On December 19 we had a difficult day. Elements of winter, plentiful snowfall and unpreparedness of city services to the conditions which are differing from usual, forced us to rescue wards of animals urgently. We had to evacuate the dogs who have remained in rehabilitation point in an emergency order. To leave on a site which is nearby, in the country, the usual city transport didn't represent possible.

Where - that Ministry of Emergency Situations - nicknames rescued the people who have appeared in a snow trap. And we hurried to rescue helpless animals who entirely depended on us.

We are sincerely grateful to Maxim and Marín Medvedev which without deliberating responded to our call for help. During 2-x hours, operation on rescue, was complete. I carefully tried to learn, what moved these people who have postponed all the affairs, not regretted the personal motor transport and rushed to the aid of us and our wards? Except their names I managed to learn nothing. And still they left the coordinates and told: "We in the answer, for those whom tamed! "

Here so, exactly a heavy minute, humanity is learned!

People, don't betray the relatives, friends, acquaintances and animals even if in a frosty icy cold there is no wish to creep out of a warm house bed at all.

Now animals are on temporary overexposure in the city. They are happy because feel our care.

We very much hope to find the constant house and loving owners here to these wonderful dogs.

And we on - former need warm things, a stern and your unindifference. We look for volunteer assistants on care of animals.

And still, look back on shivering from cold and hunger of a dog or the cat who has met on your way. All of them feel and understand, and still hope...


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