The pilot of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" brought a sinking vessel

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On December 19, 2009 the pilot of 1 class of the Berdyansk division of port pilot service "Mariupol" of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Alexander Pishchenko brought the sinking vessel "Black Shadow" to the Berdyansk MTP (a flag Cambodia), the press - service GP "The Delta — the Pilot" reports.

Emergency happened in the night of 18 on 19-е December. The " vessel of Volgo - the Balt" followed with freight of 2100 tons of wheat from the Russian port of Yeysk towards the Strait of Kerch. On a beam of Berdyansk the crew found water inflow in tanks of nasal part of a vessel. As independently to pump out water it wasn't possible, the decision to bring a vessel to Berdyansk port was made. Towards to "Black Shadow" the tow with the pilot of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" was sent.

- From - for a high wave and case frosting, I managed to land not at once on a vessel, - Alexander Pishchenko tells. - To be in time to the port, the vessel went at full speed. Where - that in mile from the mooring, from - for деферента on a nose, a vessel already badly coped, the main deck of nasal part filled in with water.

According to the pilot, two tows helped to moor quickly a sinking vessel to the mooring No. 6 of the Berdyansk MTP. Rescuers found out that tanks of nasal part of "Black Shadow" are completely filled with water, and started pumping out it.

After survey of the case of a vessel by the diver it appeared that ballast tanks have cracks through which water intensively arrives. On December 20 the decision to unload wheat to rescue freight and a vessel was made.

For the pilot of GP "The Delta — the Pilot", Alexander Pishchenko, similar incident - not the first in practice. Last year the pilot brought to Berdyansk port the vessel "Saratoga" with the faulty engine. The uncontrollable bulk carrier bore on the spit. Only thanks to experience of the pilot and his coordinated work with tow crew "Captain Beklemeshev" it was succeeded to avoid serious accident.


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