How many snowplows actually fought against snow drifts in Nikolaev?

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In spite of the fact that storm warning was received still on December 14, snow took Nikolaev unawares - anybody seriously didn't prepare for it. In favor of it testifies that fact that the city practically "rolled" in snow, snowdrifts appeared an absolute obstacle not only for city transport, but also for ordinary pedestrians. In crowds of the people who have gathered on stops, quite often it was possible to hear complaints on the city power supposedly snow nobody cleans the city, to sand sidewalks anybody and doesn't think, minibuses and trams don't go … to "The Nikolaev messages" from reliable sources in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies nevertheless it was succeeded to learn, than the city power and what specifically steps were taken in the circumstances was so occupied.

As reported a source, already on December 15 KP "ELU of Highways" it was transferred to a mode of the round-the-clock watch, and also work on snow cleaning is begun with the main roads at night. For clearing of snow nine units of municipal equipment were involved. For the city, of course, this figure it is insignificant it is small therefore in the morning, on December 16, it increased to sixteen. But also it it appeared a little in this connection it was decided to involve in clearing of access roads to hospitals and bakeries also equipment of the city enterprises and establishments (all - 27). Next day, on December 17, according to a source, the city from snow was saved already by 53 pieces of equipment: 9 - municipal and 44 - from the enterprises and establishments. Best of all the situation with equipment was in the Ship area, 16 pieces of equipment, worst of all - in Central, only five units there were involved.

On Friday, December 18, for clearing of roads from snow 49 pieces of equipment, from them kommunalno - technical service - 12 were attracted. On Saturday, December 19, 62 pieces of equipment, including one heavy which was provided by military unit 1080 were involved already. On Sunday snow cleared away (or, more precisely, tried to clear away - temperature increase and a rain turned snow into ice) 28 pieces of equipment.

From a material reserve of the city also were allocated toplivno - lubricants. In particular, housing and communal services Department received 2200 liters, and administrations of districts of the city - on 1000 liters.

Besides, from December 15 to December 21 KP "ELU of Highways" was used 1580 tons of posypochny mix. However it didn't help to save pedestrians from injuries. As "The Nikolaev messages" managed to learn, only from December 18 to December 21 in medical institutions of the city 125 nikolayevets with various injuries - fractures, dislocations and bruises addressed. Also six cases of frostbite were recorded. Unfortunately, didn't do without lethal outcomes - one person without a certain residence froze.


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