Cry from the heart of Lugansk GAI officers

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Mitrofanov A.A. return. to a position of the chief of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Luhansk region didn't become for us surprising or unexpected. We waited for it with hope, with hope for stability and mutual understanding between heads and subordinates, after all UGAI was nearly three months without the first head, the person who can make any strong-willed decision. And it appeared as employees of UGSO wrote in the message. Those decisions which were made from the first days of its management, started surprising all of us up to the depth of soul and set thinking that us to wait further.

From the first days of its management personnel movements which on unclear us to the reasons and without the slightest grounds are impudently and openly carried out both to UGAI and in divisions on places began. Before heads of divisions, employees moved whether by results of summing up work of division for a certain period, whether managed carrying out the next certification, well as a last resort carrying out rotation among heads of divisions.

That occurs now, starts reminding removal from a position the former station-master of diagnostics Makhinya A.Yu. which closed in an office and didn't let out from there while it didn't write the official report. Only for the last month passed radical changes of heads and the staff of department of technical supervision, the head of department of technical supervision Toptun is ousted. The station-master of diagnostics of cars Chumak who at a position stayed less than half a year is ousted.

Replacement of all staff of MREO Lugansk both officer is completely made, and civilian structure, the chief of MREO of Severodonetsk is ousted. So, appointment to the post of the deputy head of department of GAI Savchenko Yu.A. is one of examples of personnel appointments., the former station-master of diagnostics of cars in 2005. When carrying out joint operation by the staff of SBU and OVB in June, 2005, at station of diagnostics 40 thousand UAH cash were revealed, but then the blame was taken by the civil person. Business could be untwisted, but to it didn't run off, didn't want to take out quarrels from a log hut, but after all materials where - that lie and now.

Then Savchenko Yu.A. allowed to leave from GAI on silent, at own will. In a consequence, having appeared at a position of the first Deputy chief Stanichno - the Lugansk District Department of Internal Affairs, without having thus any operational experience, it as did nothing but only controlled sand shipment. Having gone to UGSO to a position of the deputy head of department, the shkurnykh of questions was engaged only in the decision. At a present position it is appointed the curator of SDA and MREO where again resolves shkurny issues that it was possible to come above not empty-handed.

Not clearly as it was passed by OVB, DGAI, UMVS management. Today the former head of the security department of is appointed to a position of the chief of SDA of cars. The red Beam which didn't work any day in service GAI and is put there only to control process of collecting of money. Service traffic police GAI under the leadership of Durnev A.N. it in general a separate subject, you shouldn't live guesses, and it is necessary to sit down simply with a dress in a patrol car and to stop one of trucks in a border zone then we will see, who and why will call inspectors for the solution of questions.

The team was selected harmonious, in all directions, only such feeling that all of them live in one afternoon and came simply to earn, or are afraid that won't manage to return spent for appointment to positions. And it is visible on what are appointed tariffs of collection of money, both from visitors, and from employees. Rates on SDA for passing of the state technical inspection of vehicles are established, today they make 150-200 hryvnias.

And it everything besides all official payments services for which all the same aren't provided as in the field of everything one specialized station of diagnostics which has the necessary equipment, is SDA UGAI, and fees for diagnostics go from divisions of GAI of all area.

Besides also compulsory insurance of owners of vehicles, in insurance companies which are located in buildings and in the territory of divisions of GAI.For that time as the insurance became popular, the civilian structure of divisions of GAI visited insurance agents of all available companies because with each arrival of the new head, the insurance company which is given a priority from heads of UGAI changes also, to be exact to tell who will give them kickback more.

Today in honor of SK "Ingo Ukraine". Payment for registration of vehicles in MREO makes 400-500 hryvnias. Everything depends on that, with checkup or without it registration and all is carried out as payment for vehicle diagnostics which actually isn't carried out is raised. This service extends as new, and on earlier operated vehicles, and happens and on twice a day, of course, if to the owner carries to perform two operations in one day.

For obtaining the driver's license it is necessary to pay 400-500 hryvnias for examination depending on that on what category, and from what attempt you wish to pass examination.

Probably, all - affects inflation in the country and work of divisions of GAI but why such big percent after all the inflation percent in the country is many times less?

Employees of UGAI.


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