For the first month of summer on the Nikolaev roads 2 teenagers were lost and 9 – was traumatized

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Children's traumatism on roads always was one of the most painful subjects. Certainly, little pedestrians have no sufficient life experience and can't quickly orient in difficult road situations. Besides not controlled vigor sometimes leads them to tragedies, especially in big cities.

Only for the first summer month of the current year on Nikolaev it happened 10 dorozhno - transport incidents to participation of children in whom two teenagers were lost and 9 received multiple injuries.

As always, one of the reasons of commission of accidents was that our children have low level of knowledge of Traffic regulations. Therefore, in avoidance of similar tragedies it is necessary to stock up, first of all, patience during studying together with children of Traffic regulations and it is obligatory for parents to show the example, how exactly it is necessary to behave on the carriageway. In turn, the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area also puts a lot of effort to teach our young pedestrians to rules of safe behavior on roads. Especially during summer holiday when number dorozhno - transport incidents with participation of children grows.

Therefore recently inspectors of GAI welcomed in the children's improving center "Zarya" which is in page of Parutino of the Ochakov area. That sunny, warm day the vacationer малышня at all didn't expect guests, but hardly only, having heard that there is a case on the bank of the estuary to play, look at a concert, to examine specialized cars and UGAI Regional Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs motorcycles, elements of special equipment of divisions and, to receive gifts, at once changed the plans. The first minutes of a meeting, children with a smile on lips, showed the knowledge of Traffic regulations during carrying out a quiz. Also many school students took part in competition to drawing on asphalt it is necessary to pass the carriageway what consequences happen to the subject "Traffic Safety Is Life" during which the majority of children showed how exactly if drivers and pedestrians don't adhere to Traffic regulations.

After such start to consolidate once again gained knowledge, teenagers were helped by team of school No. 60 of Nikolaev "Childhood Bezopasnaya Road" which is the winner Vseukrainskogo and regional competitions of young inspectors of movement. Usually, on a similar holiday there can't be winners and won therefore all children won incentive prizes.

All know that in life there are many rules which help to become clever or rich, but those rules which learn as it is necessary to preserve life are main. To these rules State traffic inspectorate together with parents, and teachers daily teaches our children. Besides, the staff of GAI in the Nikolaev area throughout all summer period plans to show thematic performances for children spending vacation at camps. Because, judging by experience, school students with impatience expect similar holidays. Therefore, we will hope that this summer will be interesting, and the main thing - safe!


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