Since the beginning of year on highways of Nikolayevshchina 29 pedestrians

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In the prompt everyday stream, called life, all of us where - that hurry … we want to settle all the affairs quicker and sometimes at all we don't pay attention that occurs round us. And can exactly round us and the real life boils, can those things that seem to us essential trifles and is guarantee of further success and safety.

Just most often from - for a lack of time and a carelessness of participants of traffic also there are the road accident which responsible become both drivers, and pedestrians. After all all of us know that one of the most abnormally dangerous sites are unregulated intersections. And often pedestrians, trying to save some seconds, without passing transport pass, and sometimes and run across the carriageway not in the places established for this purpose. But haste it not the only reason of tragic situations, after all dorozhno - transport incident can happen and for other reasons. One of which is the elementary carelessness of the pedestrian when the review of the carriageway is closed the dimensions by standing transport and the pedestrian, without having convinced of the safety as drivers speak, "jumps out" on the road. Also powerful argument is the alcoholic intoxication which is breaking coordination of movement and slowing down a motility of an organism. At a nayavnost at least one of the listed reasons, you - have dear pedestrians 100-percentage opportunity to please under car wheels.

Only since the beginning of year in the Nikolaev area it is registered by 161 road accidents in which 29 pedestrians died and 125 - were injured. About it reports GAI of Nikolaev.

So, on the fifth of July 20 minutes of the third night, moving on Lenin Ave. in the direction from Dekabristov St. towards Moskovskaya St. near the intersection with Sovetskaya St., 24 - the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev, operating the Deo — Lanos car, I brought down the pedestrian who passed the carriageway in not established place. As a result of accident - the pedestrian, 1979 with the diagnosis concussion and a graze of the right forearm is delivered in BSMP.

The similar situation occurred on June 8 at 11.40 o'clock, moving on Lenin Avenue near the house No. 8 23 - the summer business owner the inhabitant of Nikolaev operating the car "Zhiguli - the nine" brought down crossing the carriageway in the place not established for transition 52 - the summer pedestrian of the inhabitant of Nikolaev who in a consequence with a fracture of the right hip and the left shoulder is delivered in BSMP.

Also it would seem, what could serve as the road accident reason in this situation? After all the road was dry and without damages, light time of day, road signs and a marking available, carriageway width more than 9-ти meters. And the reasons remain the same - a lack of time or a carelessness of participants of traffic. That dorozhno - transport incidents happen to participation of pedestrians almost an every day is most deplorable, and these are tens victims and one hundred injured people. People of victims on own fault! And already everyone should think of it: whether it is worth saving minutes in exchange for the whole life!

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to pedestrians. Be extremely attentive when crossing the carriageway, adjustable and unregulated intersections. At fast approach of transport to you stop and pass it. Don't cross the carriageway not in the places established for this purpose and always before making maneuver, be convinced of its absolute safety. Remember! On your behavior on the road depends not only your life, and life and health of other people.


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