Inhabitants of Nikolaev in a zone of the increased danger: from - for heats already the city dump

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Inhabitants of Nikolaev in a zone of the increased danger: from - for heats already the city dump lit up three times. It is impossible to extinguish a fire water - it is necessary to fill up it with the earth. However in the territory there is no soil and equipment. Situation menacing for residents as the smoke of solid household waste - is hazardous to health.

The burning garbage poisons nikolayevets. Since the beginning of summer the city range of solid household waste burned three times. Last time - last week. Two days workers of a dump extinguished strong fire, then some days three bulldozers round the clock curtailed the earth to localize biogas burning. On conclusions of experts, the range lit up itself from - for heats and lack of rains.

The four fifth garbage is a polyethylene and different packings. They easily burn, allocating a toxic smoke. The stench doesn't disappear from the city area Big Korenikh that in kilometer from a dump.

Tamara Bakurskaya, chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of ecology: "If the dump burns - Mendeleyev's all table burns. It both polyethylene, and polyvinylchloride. Chlorine - cancerogenic substance which causes cancer diseases. Unambiguously - a great influence on health of the person and environment. If the person worked three hours in a smoke - it has a poisoning with toxic substances".

Summer heat in the heat therefore at any time the range can light up again. The only way to stop fire - to cover garbage with earth. But the equipment and soil doesn't suffice. During fires housing and communal services were helped by all city services. In other days workers of the range remain alone with danger. Also wait when the local government will keep the promise and will buy two new bulldozers.

Sergey Klochan, director of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkommuntrans": "Equipment the extremely outdated. It isn't enough equipment. It very often fails that breaks normal technological process".

Now the municipal government of ecology expects from a sanstantion of analyses of smoke of air. If norms are exceeded, declare an emergency situation.Fortunately, during the last fire the wind blew in the opposite party from Nikolaev. Therefore drivers of bulldozers poisoned only.


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