Nikolayevshchina. Since the beginning of summer 181 persons

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With approach of a warm season the probability of emergence of infectious diseases of people and mass poisonings of the population from - for the use of substandard foodstuff becomes higher. Non-compliance by subjects of housekeeping of conditions of realization, storage, production of food can lead to serious consequences.

For the purpose of ensuring protection of a public order and public safety in the period of a summer improving season only in June of the current year the division of veterinary militia of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area together with local authorities and the interested services checked over 140 objects which are engaged in preparation, storage and realization of products of an animal origin. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

These events were held in Nikolaev, Ochakov that Berezansk areas where surveyed the markets, points of public catering, a place of portable trade and dining rooms in institutions of mass rest of people.

For violation veterinarno - health regulations at implementation of this kind of activity 181 persons are brought to administrative responsibility. Are withdrawn from circulation of 1766 kg of low-quality products of an animal origin.

In turn, the department of the physician - biological providing, GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area reports that the majority of infectious diseases and poisonings arise after carrying out mass celebrations - weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties. The main reasons for flashes, according to epidemiologists is a violation of elementary rules of personal hygiene, violation of technology of cooking and preservation of foodstuff in insanitary conditions. The infection most often collects in dairy products, confectionery which prepare "with a stock".

For the purpose of prevention of infectious diseases and food poisonings doctors recommend:

  • Not to use food in the absence of the quality certificate, and also with overdue terms. To keep food according to the instruction and in established periods.

  • Not to buy food in the spontaneous markets or from individuals. Buying any foodstuff in a distribution network, the consumer has the right to demand from the seller documents which confirm quality and safety of production.

  • Not to use unfamiliar mushrooms, berries, herbs and other plants. To exclude contact of food with soil and sand.

  • Not to prepare products with "stock". It is desirable to use the prepared dishes at once, and in case of their repeated use to subject them to secondary heat treatment. The prepared dishes shouldn't be stored without cold no more than 2 hours.

  • Not to take products which quickly spoil (sausage, dairy, culinary, confectionery or other products) in the road.

  • Not to prepare multicomponent food which demand high heat treatment (pastes, meat salads, etc.), in the conditions not adapted for this purpose. At the use of vegetables, fruit and their berries it is necessary to wash out well drinking water, and at the use by their children - обдать boiled water.

  • Not to use for drink, cooking and ware washing water from unfamiliar sources of water supply (the river, the lake, underground sources, a surface water, etc.).

  • For drink and cooking to use water only from the centralized sources of water supply or drinking in bottles.

  • During rest (tourist, extreme tourism, etc.) for washing of ware and hands to use water filtered or boiled. For drink and cooking to use drinking water.

  • Before cooking always to wash hands with soap.

  • It is obligatory to wash hands after toilet visit.

  • At rest with children parents have to acquaint children with rules of food and rules of observance of personal hygiene. Adults need to watch that children didn't use unfamiliar berries and products carefully.

  • For bathing and rest it is necessary to use the only officially resolved beaches.

In case of identification of the first symptoms of an intestinal disease it is necessary to address urgently in the nearest medical institution. Self-treatment is dangerous! At collective rest of the patient it is desirable (to arrival of the doctor) to isolate. At a serious condition of the patient it is necessary to call the ambulance immediately.


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