Since 2009 In Ukraine new rules of checkup of cars

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Since January 1, 2009 in Ukraine new rules of passing of checkup of vehicles which were approved by the government on July 9 will be entered. About it today on a press - conferences in Kiev were reported by the chief of State Department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Kolomiyets.

According to him, the new order to the owner of the vehicle provides the right personally to be defined where technical condition of its car, irrespective of a place of its registration will be checked. Such check can be carried out and is respectively issued directly during guarantee maintenance or other works at car repair shop of cars in case HUNDRED is authorized on it.

At the same time check of technical condition of the car can be carried out at stations of diagnostics of GAI or in points of technical control if they have also permission to carrying out such activity.

Besides, the state technical inspection of cars will be actually performed during the whole year, and its following term will be defined concrete date of the checkup noted in the coupon during passing of the current checkup.

As Kolomiyets noted, terms of passing of checkup are already prolonged today until the end of the year.


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