The bear broke off the man in Nikolaevsk a zoo

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As we already reported, yesterday, on July 13, in Nikolaevsk a zoo there was a tragedy - the young man was torn to pieces by a bear by nickname Babay. How it happened?

26- summer Dmitry in that morning came to a zoo one of the first, right after opening. Both the cashier, and protection remembered him only because in such time of visitors in a zoo more very few. It at once went to the bear-hunter.

And at 9.20 the workers who were tidied up in closed rooms of the bear-hunter, heard heart-rending female shout. Bears - couple Ussuriisk the belogrudykh and Tian - a shansky belokogotny she-bear of Chucha - were at this time in the open open-air cage.

Having run out on shout, workers saw a terrible picture. In the middle of the open-air cage the blood-stained person who was killed by a bear sat. The hand of the unfortunate was already torn almost off. Females didn't approach close, pressed close aside. The platform before the open-air cage was empty - witnesses of an event, obviously, in horror ran up.

all this could occur, understand joint stock company difficult. Incidentally it is impossible to fall down to the open-air cage. Its protections were thought over and under construction counting upon different visitors, including on what thoughts of own safety don't visit in principle. And, not only children, but also adults.

Therefore safety issues of people (and animals! ) are put in our zoo on the first place, and protections become with a large supply of durability. In particular, in the bear-hunter of a protection higher than two meters. To overcome obstacles in a way to the bear open-air cage, it was necessary to try very strongly! By the way, the Ukrainian zoos in general are considered as one of the safest in the world …

That the victim was absolutely sober, became clear already much later. Dmitry didn't drink in general - doctors categorically forbade it to the patient who long ago was on the psychiatric account and quite often treated in hospital. The patient obeyed them. He in general was very quiet, obedient and harmless person. Besides, about four years ago Dmitry Z. worked in a zoo - in a vivarium where diligently I looked after small rodents: mice, etc. Very much I loved animals that, it is possible as - that and became a cause of the tragedy.In that morning Dmitry told house that goes to church …

But workers of a zoo during those terrible moments of it didn't know anything, they tried to beat off the person at a bear. Buckets, stones, plastic bottles flied to the open-air cage. But brought two fire extinguishers which too were useless, - the bear didn't depart from the victim. And when killed unfortunate, right there I came into the internal room, the female escaped also. Everything happened during five - seven minutes. Frightened by Chuchu tired out to the open-air cage only in half an hour.

And Babay isn't guilty in anything, he acted quite according to the logic of animal instincts, protected from uninvited invasion the territory and females. The large and strong adult male of an Ussuriisk belogrudy bear of Babay lives in Nikolaevsk a zoo nine years. All this time it differed quiet appeasable temper and never showed excessive aggression.

Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, militia and the prosecutor's offices which have arrived to a place of the tragedy, stated correctness of actions of workers of a zoo.

In that day, already closer by four o'clock, protection of a zoo removed from a protection of the open-air cage of the Amur tigers 14 - the summer Lvov teenager whom considerably drunk mother and the grandfather was going to photograph in an extreme foreshortening.


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