The driver who has killed six people, blames for all the road

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In Kharkov the consequence upon death of six people at a tram stop "Station" where the jeep under control of the drunk local businessman Andrey Poltavts flew proceeds on May 2, writes "Today".

The lawyer declared accused that Poltavets completely admits the guilt, but wants that it transferred to a solitary confinement. Charge of traffic violation of the rules that led to death of people was brought to it. It threatens with term from 7 to 12 years.

"When everything occurred, my client came back home. But why it took the drunk wheel, I can't tell anything. My client admits the guilt completely, but specifies that the road on the street the Poltava highway has a bad covering, - the lawyer Anatoly Suprun - the expert respected in Kharkov, the representative of the Kharkov Bar, the former prosecutor speaks. - At the place of accident there is a hole, it could be a cause of accident".

According to the defender, his defendant now is afraid to be in the IVS general chamber together with criminal elements. Suprun collects certificates of a state of health of the client probably to achieve remaintaining the client in a solitary confinement.

"It has a sore heart and diabetes", - the lawyer speaks. According to Suprun having 20 - summer experience, it undertook this high-profile case is made free of charge.


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