In Nikolaev began to smell gas

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As it became known today, last Sunday inhabitants of houses No. 14, 14-A on Kitoboyev St. and No. 80, 82 on Mira Ave., in an emergency order asked for the help in emergency service of "Nikolayevgaz", suspecting that in this area where - that there was a leakage of gas. As reported an informed circle, such disturbing calls to service some tens arrived. The specific smell appeared in apartments of people around 20.00, inhabitants quickly rushed on the street, however and there this unclear smell soared.

On a call of inhabitants on a place (around the 5-® ocean supermarket), left 3 cars of emergency service of "Nikolayevgaz", however by results of tests of air of suspicion on leakage of gas weren't confirmed. People calmed that as the reason of a strange smell processing of tanks on the Oil depot located nearby could serve. According to one of the staff of emergency service, about half a year ago they recorded a similar case: "Than they there пропаривали or washed out the tanks - I can't tell, but the smell then stood same. I remember, inhabitants of houses where a wind informed this smell, too called us in a panic, thinking that where - that there was a leakage of gas".

On the one hand - it is good that the alarm of people concerning leakage of gas was vain, with another - remained the riddle, what "chemistry" soared over the area that day - it wasn't succeeded to phone on "Oil depot", unfortunately. Therefore, the question remains open.


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