In mass death of fish in the Kherson area NGZ is guilty?

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In the Kherson area in the water area of Dnepr around bottom бьефа about. New Kakhovka is recorded mass death of fish. Some local ichthyologists assume that there was it from - for toxic emissions in water of the Nikolaev aluminous plant.

As reports "City mix", samples of the lost fish are taken for the analysis. Its result will be known within 5-6 days.

According to the ichthyologist of the Kherson territorial department of the Southern basin management Valentina Gribanova, the previous results of analyses testify that fish is infected with an unknown infection as at a crucian the liver, body where most often there are mutations is affected only: "From hydrogen sulfide there couldn't be a death. The reasons need to be looked for only in fish. Infection goes from the territory of the Nikolaev area. Probably, there is a speech about emissions of the Nikolaev aluminous plant".

At the moment samples of the lost fish investigate in the Kiev vetlaboratoriya as in area there is no latest equipment and techniques of identification of unknown infections, "The German wave" reports. For now the Kherson infectiologists warn inhabitants against the use of the struck fish.

As the newspaper on - Kiev" reports ", as of yesterday the mass death of fish is recorded on the area about 18 square kilometers.

About it "The newspaper on - Kiev" was reported by the chief of sector of ichthyology of Head department of protection, use and reproduction of water live resources and fishery regulation in the field of ("Hersongosrybokhrana") Lilia Kurtina.

According to its data, today by noon emerged fish (a crucian and a small amount тюльки) according to the estimates of ichthyologists already occupies the territory about 18 from bottom бьефа Kakhovsky Hydroelectric power station to page of Lvovo.

Thus ichthyologists while can't visually establish the reason of a mass pestilence of fish.

"Two hours ago already utilized 7 tons of fish. It is hard to say, how many it should be caught as a lot of emerged fish cormorants, herons and seagulls eat. It is also impossible to count, how many it will settle on a bottom", - she added.

A question why on a surface float, generally lost crucians, the Curtain answered that if other benthonic fishes, for example, som suffered, they will emerge in 2 days. As for species of fish through passage, that, by words the Curtain, they have the corresponding instinct, and they can go, for example, to the estuary, in case of change of composition of water.

According to preliminary data GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kherson area, damage from a mass pestilence of fish makes about half a million hryvnias.

As earlier I reported the Center of promotion of Head department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and protection of the population against consequences of Chernobyl accident in the Kherson area, in the morning on July 15 locals reported that in the water area of Dnepr around bottom бьефа Kakhovskoy the hydroelectric power station on the area of 4 recorded a pestilence of fish.

It was reported that, by estimation, about 100 tons of a crucian were lost.

At meeting of the city commission on emergency situations the decision temporarily to close a place of mass rest on water before establishment of a cause of death of fish is made. For collecting and utilization of the lost fish 9 pieces of equipment (6 motor boats, 2 tractors, 1 bulldozer) and 40 people were involved.

The lost fish is taken out on a city dump of household waste and utilized with observance sanitarno - epidemiological norms.

We will remind that in May - June, 2005 more than 3 tons of crucians were lost in Dnepro - the Bugsky estuary in Belozersk the region of the Kherson area from toxic emissions of the Nikolaev aluminous plant.

As ichthyologists of the Kherson territorial office of management of protection of the fish Yuzhrybvod resources, a crucian - the species of fish steadiest against natural cataclysms, but then, under the influence of toxic substances commented, at crucians the liver went wrong.

Also since the beginning of May, 2007 around Zburyevsky кута and the Dneprobugsky estuary in the Kherson area the zamor of fish which in the third decade of month gained character of the mass began. Then 7-8 kilogram individuals of a silver carp, white cupid and a sazan from an abnormal heat didn't sweep out caviar, it began to decay and there was intoxication process to the subsequent death of fish of these types.

In 2006 of NGZ there was the winner of the All-Ukrainian rating "A leader of nature protection activity".

On materials: "

азета on - Kiev"

, "City mix"

The journalist of "N News" tried to receive the comment on current situation at the director of labor protection, ecology and quality of the Nikolaev aluminous plant Renat Rakhmankulov. At first in the reception director we were told that "he left". Having called back in ten minutes, we learned that "the director at meeting". It was offered to us to call back in an hour that we and made. However and in an hour it wasn't succeeded to communicate to Renat Rakhmankulov - "it began a RAM", the secretary reported.


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