To preserve a crop from human negligence – one of actual tasks in the Nikolaev area

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In the Nikolaev area continue to reap a crop. Farmers already threshed more than one and a half million tons of grain of a new crop. From the total area of 770,4 thousand hectares the early grain are slanted for 74%.

Except harvesting, landowners, the regional power, Mchsniki think how without loss to collect and keep grain. And first of all to save it from fire. After all, obvious threat to turn a crop on the ashes traps massifs almost an every day. Every day divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations stop fire on the way to fields. And the human negligence becomes fault to all. After all crops and forest belts protecting them very dry. Any spark which will jump out of an exhaust pipe of the car, the stub thrown accidentally or the lit match can bring damage to any economy. The dry grass in forest plantations will light up, and then fire will be thrown and on a grain field.

It should be noted that today the majority of fires arises along routes outside settlements. Often drivers who during a stop throw not extinguished stubs or matches into a dry grass become responsible. Most of all from such fires suffer New Odessa, Voznesensky, Berezansky, Nikolaev and Zhovtnevy regions of the Nikolaev area, after all pass highways through them.

In this connection the Ministry of Emergency Situations emphasizes need of strict observance of fire-prevention rules: be the extremely careful in the treatment of naked flame; don't burn down and don't make fire near grain and forests; place parking not closer than 100 meters from grain fields.

In order to avoid emergence of fires on grain massifs of the inspector of regional departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations daily go round fields with checks of observance of standards of fire safety at the harvest company. At identification of violations of fire safety stop the harvest. Thanks to it any serious fire in area fields yet wasn't.

In spite of the fact that all farms are interested in safety grain, inspections already revealed violators of fire protection regulations."The greatest responsibility for preservation of future crop lays down on shoulders of heads of agricultural enterprises, - the chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Postupalsky notes. - The most rough miscalculations of responsible heads in questions of ensuring fire safety during harvesting lead, as a rule, to irreplaceable losses - destruction by fire of grain massifs, grain flows, grain stores at fire emergence. " Since the beginning harvest to administrative responsibility are attracted 198 heads and officials. It is offered a fire prevention - 8511, from them it is executed - 6527. Operation of 286 agricultural units is suspended.


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