11 attractions are forbidden to operation in the Nikolaev area

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In the Nikolaev area 38 attractions are registered, but it is possible to drive not on all.

In Pobeda park all attractions because two of them are subject to repair, and three - utilization are now closed. Orenduyushchy Pobeda park together with attractions the Tsunami — the South enterprise isn't obliged to perform these works therefore the destiny of attractions in park remains in hands of the city power.

In park of "Scaffold" the attraction "Ship's boy" is suitable for operation only.

But in the children's town "Fairy tale" all attractions regularly work.

For the beginning of summer in the Nikolaev area 38 attractions, 21 of which mobile are registered. Because not all from them began work, inspectors of territorial administration of the Gosgorpromnadzor in the Nikolaev area conducted examination 15. As a result of the found violations work of 11 attractions is forbidden.

Almost at all enterprises typical violations are found. The most widespread shortcoming is that serving and the technicians weren't trained. Operators have no on workplaces of instructions on labor protection during operation of attractions and don't fulfill their requirements - before work visually to check a condition of an attraction and to carry out a trial cycle of work without visitors, having beforehand exempted mobile components from clamps.
Technical inspection isn't performed after interseasonal storage of attractions.

At many enterprises height of protections, distance between an external protection and an attraction, height of steps don't meet the established standards. Also not always platforms are protected with fire-prevention boards. They also have no plates with data on age, the producer and technical characteristics of the equipment.

Essential danger of attractions depends on their age. In the majority of a roundabout already fulfilled the potential age. Besides, there have to be separate requirements to sites on which the attraction is placed. Attractions and their equipment have to take place according to the projects developed by the specialized organizations which have the license (permission). Destruction can happen not only for technical reasons, but also from - for flashes of soils or a podmyvaniye their stokovy and ground waters.

Fortunately, from 2007 to 2008 of accidents and accidents on attractions of the Nikolaev area wasn't.


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