The administration of the Vradiyevsky region of the Nikolaev area received "неуд" for the bad organization of safe working conditions

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To recognize work of Vradiyevsky regional administration unsatisfactory. Such is "verdict" today's meeting of regional council concerning safe activity of the population. At meeting it was spoken about shortcomings of providing questions to "safe activity" in many regions of area, but most of all got to Vradiyevsky.

Control over performance at the enterprises of the area of complex actions for improvement of working conditions was called effectless. Employers of the area don't fulfill law "About Labor Protection" requirements, in part, obtaining permission of the Gosgorpromnadzor on performance or continuation of works of the increased danger and on operation of objects on which these works are carried out. On the majority of the enterprises identification of objects of the increased danger isn't carried out. Constantly operating commission on labor protection examination at subjects of business activity not that it isn't constant, and at all doesn't work. Laboratory researches of working conditions and certification of workplaces at the agricultural enterprises aren't conducted. Besides the instructions issued by bodies of the state control aren't executed.

Didn't get permission of territorial administration of the Gosgorpromnadzor to the beginning or continuation of works of the increased danger of 6 enterprises. Elektrostarterny start of engines on 39-ти area tractors isn't resumed. Adjustment and test of electroinstallations of two enterprises aren't carried out to established periods.

The deputy of Vradiyevsky regional administration Igor Salo noted that on balance of the agricultural enterprises generally are "morally and physically outdated technical means of production". On many farms self-propelled agricultural cars without preliminary checkup are allowed to operation. In total, according to him, in the area 54 enterprises function. On 12-ти from them people work in dangerous conditions.

Requirements of regulations aren't fulfilled and at operation of structures and installations of production appointment. The specialized organizations don't carry out them certification. Fire-prevention actions (including processing of wooden designs of structures by fireproof substances) aren't carried out. And many rooms aren't provided even not with fire extinguishers!

Not in the best state are and sanitarno - household rooms at the enterprises. Places of disguise of workers aren't equipped with lockers for clean and working clothes. There are no shower cabins, booths for the overalls drying, special tanks for drinking water.

Besides, in the area the issue concerning utilization of eight and a half tons (!) of unsuitable agrotoxic chemicals for use isn't resolved.

Considering all above miscalculations, it was entrusted to management of the Vradiyevsky district state administration to provide implementation of acts and realization of a state policy concerning labor protection on the entrusted administration of the territory, to take urgent measures for receiving by employers of the region of all necessary documents of allowing character on work and operation of cars and mechanisms of the increased danger, to provide effective control of observance by subjects of business activity standardly - legal acts on labor protection, and also to organize carrying out target checks of a condition of the account, preservation and use of agrotoxic chemicals with involvement of employees of SES, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Gosgorpromnadzor.


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