Peresadovtsa remained without

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The meeting of the shareholders which has taken place last week in a mudflow of Peresadovk Zhovtnevogo of the area, it is possible to compare unless to volcano explosion. Bitter words of charges as the thrown burning stones, flied to eyes to the head of private agricultural enterprise "Homeland" Yaroslav Belevyat. People were in despair, and, appear, don't stop them, they would suit mob killings to the керманичу.

Calculation for a share in exchange for the new contract

It is a little history. The collective farm "Homeland" long since was famous for the bogatyushchy lands, and them here more than 6 thousand hectares, animal husbandry, hothouse combine. In Soviet period Peresadovk's village was considered as one of the large and equipped settlements of the area. Even thought here to transfer the district huddling on an urban area. Here republican seminars were held, scientifically - practical conferences, here came behind experience.

After an earth raspayevka the former chairman of collective farm Yaroslav Belevyat created private agricultural enterprise with the name "Homeland" of the same name where collective farmers with the allotments - on 4,5 hectares entered. In principle, people didn't feel as owners of land: they both worked in "Homeland", and work, even the name didn't change. Only they began to notice that in other villages people on a share receive on grain ton, and even it is more, at them - on 350 kg. The chairman everything complains about natural disasters: the pier, hail beat a crop, the wind blew off …

Statements were drawn up, the areas were written off, however from it it became easier for shareholders not. Last year for shares didn't pay off with them, since this crop promised to give. And here the crop is almost reaped: it wasn't recorded neither a hail, nor heavy rain, winds and year I was given fruitful for all our area. On the village news was carried: Белевят disposed to pay for shares. People hastened in office, however here they were waited by a surprise: to receive натуроплату, it was necessary to sign at first the lease contract with the certain firm "Olviya Lat Investment" which representatives sat at the next little table, then there was a calculation with "Homeland".It was right there explained that "Homeland" refuses to work with shareholders therefore other investor, more well-founded comes to its place further. And that the most remarkable, the new business concern suggested shareholders to sign lease contracts for ten years, and it is less year. Those who wanted to receive quicker the 350 kg of grain, signed it and when got a grasp of some nuances of the contract more attentively, understood that them simply deceived. Nevertheless, the list of the shareholders who have signed contracts with the new investor, increased daily: from 1200 shareholders it signed already 230. On the village the hearing was carried by that Belevyat quietly sold the land of shareholders to business concern, and they take it for it for work as the executive director. Process of signing of new contracts stopped, and those who signed, started demanding a rupture of the contractual relations. Seeing such situation, Yaroslav Vasilyevich together with the new investor brings together shareholders on meeting to convince people to give their earth to Olviya Lat Investment business concern.

200 hectares of the earth - as a gift

The assembly hall of local Recreation center was filled almost completely. On a scene behind a little table two investors - former and future comfortably settled down.

- I don't want to work further with you, I am not allowed by a financial position, - there began Yaroslav Belevyat, - therefore invited the investor who has money and desire to work at our lands. I want you to acquaint with the representative of Olviya Lat Investment firm Markov Pavel Petrovich. Has to tell that this firm - solid, possesses capacities and is ready to invest money in agriculture. I too give the share to them and I will work for them as the executive director. I repeat, anybody there by a hand doesn't pull you, simply this firm is offered to you. Today they already delivered to us mineral fertilizers on
2 million hryvnias, on the way - new equipment. As for payment for a share, they will pay to you on 2,5 percent, I paid on 1,5 percent.

Yaroslav Vasilyevich stopped on the main reasons for which he made the decision not to sign further lease contracts of the earth. It, first of all, parity of the prices: the cost of one ton of diesel fuel is equivalent to 7 tons of wheat. What production will sustain it? Besides, the head of Rodina private enterprise noted, at production sites there is nobody to work.

- People don't want to work, consider that a small salary - Yaroslav Belevyat was indignant, - I had to gather labor from other areas. In particular, for work at hothouse combine.

When the speech came about repayment by the new investor of property shares, and also hothouse combine, from a hall questions supposedly why fell down to sell, we will work. Белевят tried to convince people that the hothouse combine if gas price isn't settled, is unprofitable, however to it didn't believe. Shareholders didn't want to listen to his explanation, defiantly crying out from places. They were perfectly informed on profitability of the enterprise. Speak, in a year this combine gives 7 million net profit (! ? ).

Further the real obstruction of the head began. People to it remembered all sins, beginning with Soviet period. Meeting threatened to develop into revolt: cried out from places:

- Where 6 thousand beasts who destroyed it got to?

- Why the hothouse combine didn't get to the list under a raspayevka?

- Who authorized to look for you to us business concern and why the indispensable condition when receiving calculation for a share put the conclusion of the lease contract with new firm?

- Tell fellows villager, how many personally you have lands, and for whose account you process it?

Offensive and caustic remarks flied to the address of the head, as spear. But, judging by unperturbable expression of his face, due influence they didn't conceive.

- That you consider my earth, - as it is possible more quietly Belevyat answered the woman in the hall which has asked this question, - I don't consider yours, here and you mine don't touch...

- Yes, there were people who gave me the earth, - it seems as justifying, Yaroslav Vasilyevich continued, - is admissible, went to Russia or still where gave me the earth. Gave. Well and what?

And such unclaimed shares, according to peresadovets, in the village there were about 200 hectares, they were taken away by Belevyat. Imperial gift, isn't that so?

- We had such impression that we were sold, without our permission, - from a place the pensioner Yana Yarema, - at us impulsively shouted now, so, the serfdom is entered.

Performance of the pensioner Josip Orlovsky, all life worked in collective farm the driver, was very emotional.He remembered Belevyata as once with sore heart I came to office on crutches and asked the permit to treatment in sanatorium, and that unreasonably refused to it, and itself literally in a week went to have a rest with the wife for collective-farm money. From lips of the pensioner to Belevyat offensive words, as shout of his soul broke.

The atmosphere of the spiteful relation of shareholders reigned in the assembly hall to the head. And they didn't hide it.
To Yaroslav Vasilyevich remained nothing how to leave a hall and to leave together with Pavel Petrovich.

The main thing - not to make the wrong choice

Shareholders organized initiative group on search of the new investor. People respected in the village entered it. Recently the first meeting where it was decided to hold general meeting of shareholders at which Belevyat has to report for rent of land and property shares took place. People intend to look for the serious investor who not only will take from them, but also to give. The new investor will be obliged to sign the contract of social partnership with village council.

Though passed a little time after meeting, however, according to members of initiative group, to them offers from investors already arrive. People understand that it is impossible to tighten "dismantlings" for a long time, it is necessary to decide quickly on whom and how to go, after all the agricultural cycle can't be interrupted, differently death. And equipment will squander quickly. And after all, as rebuked Belevyat, however it is necessary to pay him tribute, unlike the neighbor Vladimir Goluba it preserved the main equipment. That here a sin to conceal, to face the truth of an eye. In other questions, Yaroslav Vasilyevich figuratively speaking made a booboo, underestimated the people, now here with the world and you won't leave, all will remember, to trifles. And damnations of people, as we know, thing not the good.

To whom peresadovets will entrust the shares that the earth worked effectively, will show time. And time at them, frankly speaking, just barely enough, on the way - cleaning of late cultures, soil processing, preparation for a new crop. We hope that people will be not abandoned by their intuition and will prompt the correct decision. Their future, in fact, depends on it.


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