Learn not to drink at a wheel... brewers

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Source: "The Kiev sheets"

"Don't drink at a wheel" - such action was presented the other day by employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine. And in sponsors took - who could think! - one of large producers of the beer which product was advertized until recently by known athletes. In such a way try to carry out alcoholism prevention at a wheel.

To antialcoholic education the road statistics pushed: only for the first half of the year of the current year employees of GAI recorded more than 212 thousand facts of management by drunk vehicles. It is one and a half times more, than last year. Because of drunk drivers only for half a year 210 people were lost. But, unfortunately, to accustom to sobriety will be driving only beginners - those who is trained in driving schools.

And how "to bring up" already acquired the rights? "Sheets" also asked the deputy chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine militia colonel Oleg Trokhimenko about it. "We will fight with them in a legal framework, that is to fine and select the rights (this maximum punishment for drunk driving)", - Oleg Vasilyevich told. In other words, for those who managed to graduate already from driving school, will change nothing. Initiators of this action consider that influence on the person is carried out while his image as driver only is formed. "And the decision - never to drink at a wheel, - accepted at this moment, has to become especially resistant and basic", - organizers consider.

In what this program consists? During training in future drivers show the tragic documentary film. That it based on terrible real events - a tribute of our Slavic mentality, - the representative of the beer company supposedly makes comments if to show the invented plots, Ukrainians won't believe. Therefore for an example authors of the movie chose one of the most instructive stories: mother and her small three-year-old child is forced down by the drunk driver. Mother remains is live, and the boy perishes. In the movie are used both expeditious shooting of GAI, and reconstruction of events by means of actors.

On a plot course the psychologist explaining sincere, if I may say so, aspects of alcoholism at a wheel, both the lawyer, and the representative of GAI, and the teacher of driving give comments also. Most of all the representative of insurance company intimidates the audience - in case of drunk driving insurance compensations aren't paid. Also opinions are presented in the movie on this subject of the interrogated drivers and pedestrians.

Viewing of one more terrible roller - just before delivery theoretical (on the computer) examination on the rights will be the second step of the Do Not Drink at a Wheel program. "Already from the first shots a little bit it becomes feel ill at ease", - organizers note. "Alcoholism at a wheel kills. Sooner or later. Always" - this thesis forever remains in consciousness of those who already saw this roller, authors approve it.

And on delivery of the driving license to beginners once again will remind that it is necessary to take the wheel only in a sober state. In agreement with it newly made drivers proclaim the oath. Naturally, anything new in this document isn't present - the same postulates which each driver is obliged to know. But it "additional psychological influence on the person", - declared on presentation. The driver also a sticker on a windshield hand over - with an inscription "Don't drink at a wheel".

Many journalists began to doubt that all graduates of driving schools will want to glue these stickers on the cars as except good words is on these paper circles also an emblem of the beer company. But, as assured us and representatives of GAI, and the being advertized company, anybody won't force drivers - you don't want - don't glue.

"Certainly, this program won't solve a drunk driving problem at once", - initiators of an action admit. And still they hope for situation improvement on roads by increase of responsibility of each driver. By the way, as experiment this program already introduced in one of capital MREO. Result, organizers assure, received the positive. However, it is unclear how they checked - positive result or not, and whether for a long time it was consolidated.

- When you will start introducing the program in large quantities? And whether you will be able to extend it over all country? - asked "Sheets" at present at conference. In reply the militia colonel Oleg Trokhimenko told that it won't be difficult to enter a novelty in all driving schools of the country. The movie and roller are already ready, there were only technical questions.Such a little - not in each MREO there is a screen on which will show the movie.

... Here such program causes in me, for example, ambiguous reaction. It is good that it thought up - probably, on someone these movies will really work. But as - that all this on - children's as if it is upside down turned. Beer magnates help militia to fight against the use at a wheel of a product which make. And on the other hand - it is good that though brewers gave money for shooting of rollers and the movie...

But, probably, searching "the main responsible" road murders needed to be dug more deeply? After all except alcoholic statistics is both another, and it shows that the main reasons for road accident is an excess of speed of movement, maneuvering violation of the rules (almost every fourth accident), violations of the rules of journey of intersections and departure on an oncoming lane. Whether says it what in driving schools don't give sufficient skills of driving? Probably, it would be more rational to pay attention to these questions.

And what we will have from this action? If organizers believe that the slogan "Do Not Drink at a Wheel" is psychologically pressed in brains, there is a question: what will more be postponed in subconsciousness of drivers - "don't drink beer" or "drink beer of our company"? However, the beer company wins at all from advertizing - after such sponsor's action it gets in fashionable nowadays the status of "socially responsible business". GAI too will be reckoned "plus" - that supposedly fight in the creative, extraordinary ways against alcoholism at a wheel. And, maybe, it is worth using more actively and ordinary ways? And that we will reach actions like "Don't buy the right", Don't steal" or Don't kill" instead of catching and punishing responsible...

In Russia too took a step forward in fight against alcoholism at a wheel. Since July of this year drivers whom suspect of the alcohol use, don't need not to go "to blow" where - that to a first-aid post. Alkodetektora gave out to the staff of GAI, it is possible therefore to be checked directly in the car of the inspector. If the driver is drunk, for him waits for 5000 rubles of a penalty or deprivation of the rights. For drunk repeated driving of the right at Russians select for 1,5 - 2. And since 2008 also administrative punishment is prescribed - 15 days of detention (don't detain only pregnant women or the women having small children, and also disabled people).


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