The inhabitant of Nikolaev fell asleep on the edge 25 - the meter bridge

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Rescuers of Alushta (the Crimea) removed ARE with 25 - the meter bridge fallen asleep on the edge of the tourist.

According to Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine to ARC, a call to rescuers of Alushta arrived from the vacationer who was in the area of the automobile bridge on Oktyabrskaya Street. The woman reported that on a bridge parapet, on the very brink, at the height about 25 - meters, the person not movably lies. Into place there arrived office of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"As it appeared, the man lying on the very brink, slept tight therefore to shout and awake the person we didn't become - were afraid that, having unexpectedly woken up, it could not keep and fall with 25 - meter height, - the chief of guard of SGPCh-37 Sergey Komlichenko tells. - Having estimated a situation rescuers by means of an autoladder rose to the sleeping person. When they got on a parapet and began to tie sleeping with a rope, it woke up. Having seen rescuers and at huge height, the person was simply shocked. 30- the summer man who has arrived here on rest from Nikolaev, at all didn't remember how it appeared on the bridge, got through a handrail and, having gone down on 2 meters, fell asleep on a parapet".

As it became clear, the tourist this day strong drank, so, that remembered nothing. However, having woken up and having seen people in a form and about one hundred gapers below, the man right there sobered up. By means of a rope it successfully dragged back on the bridge to the applause of eyewitnesses.


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