The Nikolaev marshrutchik try "to ruin" us faulty cars and don't pass pretrip medical examination

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The other day, on August 14, in the territory of Nikolaev it is made two dorozhno - transport incidents because of drivers of passenger transport in whom two passengers were injured.

For the purpose of the prevention and accident rate prevention on passenger transport, strengthenings of work on strengthening of transport discipline of drivers of this category and increase of technical readiness of vehicles which are involved in transportation of people, GAI department with OAT of Nikolaev are carried out inspections of the enterprises of carriers on unconditional implementation of current legislation requirements by them.

So, on August 16 on one of such enterprises state car inspectors of department of GAI with OAT of Nikolaev, carried out release of the vehicles involved in transportation of passengers. The main attention concentrated on in what technical condition of vehicles leave on routes, whether there pass drivers pretrip medical examination.

Within three hours inspectors of GAI revealed 39 violations of the current legislation by drivers of route vehicles. From them: the technically faulty - 34 units; transportations of passengers without pretrip medical examination and control of technical condition - 1, garazhirovaniye violation of the rules - 2.

It was as a result forbidden to operate 34 vehicles by withdrawal of coupons of technical inspection, and 1 vehicle was delivered to a special platform of the temporary contents.

Besides, 6 officials (mechanics) who let out technically faulty vehicles to the line, were brought to administrative responsibility, Autotechnical inspection of GAI of the Nikolaev area reports.


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