The housewife at a wheel of "Lexus" wanted to pass a moped – the mopedist is hospitalized

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Today, on July 31, at the intersection of streets Engineering and Potemkinsky the cities of Nikolaev faced a moped and the Lexus car under control of the young housewife. According to the friend of a mopedist who arrived on a scene after phone call 38 - the summer victim, "Lexus" moved on Engineering and had to pass the moped going on the main Potemkinskaya.

"I tried to pass it, - with tears the young woman in the eyes tells. - I stopped almost on tram ways, trying to pass it. It also started braking and when practically I stopped, I started …"

At this moment the mopedist who rammed a forward right wing of "Lexus" started also.

As a result, from the place of accident with cherepno - a brain trauma and multiple bruises "Fast" took away the man in emergency medical service hospital.

It is remarkable that practice of driving is available for the victim - he already long time has a driving license, and the moped "saddled" about a year ago.

Perhaps it, moving on main, at first decided on - to pass gentleman's the woman, and then suddenly changed the mind?


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