The Gosgorpromnadzor forbade operation 47 - ми technical units of "Yugtsement"

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On JSC Yugtsement for the purpose of elimination of violations which threaten life and health of employees, operation 47 is forbidden - ми technical units (cars to impose, the equipment) by their oplombirovaniye, 18 workers, including 11 officials are fined.

According to the message the press - the Gosgorpromnadzor center in the Nikolaev area, during complex check, on JSC Yugtsement found 198 violations of laws and others is standard - legal acts on labor protection from which 26 are eliminated during check. To the director, heads of the relevant services and structural divisions, 17 acts of checks on elimination of violations are issued.
For the allowed violations 18 workers, including 11 officials are fined.

During check it is revealed that at the enterprise a certain work concerning observance of requirements of the legislation of Ukraine about labor protection and protection of a subsoil is carried out. The relevant services are created and the officials responsible for the solution of specific questions of labor protection, including work and geologist security service - surveying service are appointed. Employment policies and procedures are developed and approved. For every year the Collective agreement is signed and are developed with the assistance of the parties of action for achievement of the established standards and increase of existing level of labor protection. And also laboratory researches of working conditions are conducted.
However cases of traumatizing of workers on production are allowed, in 2004 there were 2 accidents; 2005 - 1 accident; in 2006 - 1 accident, in 2007 - 2 accidents, in the current year - accidents aren't registered.

The service from labor protection of the enterprise carries out introductory instructing of workers at employment. Actions for labor protection, the instruction, regulations and rules which work within the enterprise are developed. Passing by workers of medical examination is controlled.
However, in work of service a number of shortcomings is found: control of training of workers concerning labor protection isn't provided.Regulations on the labor protection, developed at the enterprise, are issued with violations. The safety engineer doesn't use fully the rights: doesn't discharge of independent work of workers who had no training on labor protection, doesn't make responsible offenders. Log-books, deliveries and registration of instructions on labor protection are got, but since 24.10.2007 aren't filled. The operating control behind a condition of labor protection on workplaces isn't provided fully.

The geologist - the surveying service is provided with necessary devices and tools for implementation of the geologist - surveying control. However, has no all standardly - legal acts on the geologist - to surveying business therefore in work there are considerable shortcomings. There is no due surveying control of system of development of a field of cement raw materials. Constantly tool supervision on a condition of boards and slopes of a pit and dumps aren't conducted, there are no remarks and proposals of the chief surveyor concerning elimination of violations. Surveying documentation in due time isn't corrected.

JSC Yugtsement conducts development of the Grigoryevsky field of cement raw materials. Development of fields is conducted in the open way according to the approved project and annual development plans of mining operations. The right for using sites of a subsoil makes sure the relevant allowing documents.
Design capacity of a pit - 2500 thousand m3 of mountain weight in a dense body for year including tsemsyrye 1 200тыс. m3. Development of a pit is conducted with drill use - a demolition work. Demolition work on career is carried out by DP "Chernomorvzryvprom" (the specialized enterprise), according to the contract - a suborder. Mountain weight from a pit is delivered to the crusher for the subsequent its processing on slime. The SBR-166 drilling rigs, electrocardiograms excavators - 5A, 2 excavators, by KAT-375 one ESh-10/70 excavator, dump trucks "Bilaz-540" and others are for this purpose used. Slime arrives on cement works for its processing on cement.


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