Attention! In Nikolaev - a locust and a tick!

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Any strange insects artfully eat trees in the center of Nikolaev. "News of N" knew of it yesterday when the children's town "Fairy tale" was closed on locks (and consequently - it is inaccessible to visitors).

Inveterate visitors of "Fairy tale" of "News of N" reported on the correspondent that yesterday it was impossible to get to the town because it was attacked by a locust. In "Fairy tale" people, allegedly, saw huge "grasshoppers". Employees of any services carried out disinfection.

The deputy director of "Fairy tale" Svetlana Ivanova claims that no locust in the territory of the town is present and in mention. Matter in other: in the town and in the territories which are settling down nearby, trees began to hurt. And not everything, namely lindens. They were attacked by any small insects, but in any way a locust. And yesterday really it was impossible to get to "Fairy tale" because the Green Economy agrofirm carried out works on disinfection of trees.

- Yesterday we processed trees against a tick, - the engineer of production department "Green economy" Vladimir Maly reports. - The wrecker appeared flash. On Lenin Avenue too flash. Trees vanish - generally lindens. The locust too flies, the wind brings. If there is a mass flash of a locust, in the city of trees doesn't remain. And waters too.

The production manager of head department of agriculture in the Nikolaev area Grigory Pokhilko claims that the locust isn't present - with her is through about ten days ago.

- Already everything fell into oblivion. A little bit was a locust, we were overcome, today isn't present. The locust disappeared about ten days ago … It destroys everything, - the g - is indignant with Pokhilko's N. - Hrumayet, хрумает, хрумает. If the locust flew, after it already remains nothing. This terrible business - a locust!

In the Center of promotion of head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area we were told that information on locust invasion at them didn't pass. Weeks two, two and a half the locust in a larva was recorded back, but it in time pickled.

In Nikolaevsk the regional union of gardening associations of occasions to be afraid of a locust at all wasn't.

- From summer residents and gardeners of complaints didn't arrive, - the chief agronomist Lyubov Siotko reports.

The chief health officer city sanitarno - epidemiological station Vasily Ganusovsky declared:

- I have no such information. And in general - at us the locust and pincers in any way don't pass …

The epidemiologist of regional SES (department of especially dangerous infections) Fedor Nemtsev told that the tick in the nature meets everywhere - on bushes, in a grass, etc. It is an inhabitant universal. In the current year on area today it isn't recorded any case of attack of a tick on the person.

In area, according to him, there are two territories where the tick who brings to dangerous livesdiseases of "Lime" - Kinburnsky Braid, and also May Day and Voznesensky areas. The last case is recorded by this disease in 2006-ohm year in Voznesensky the area.

Generally, as Fedor Nemtsev reports, people ask for the help in cases when their pets suffered from a tick.

- If to the person the tick "stuck" or "clung", independently to delete it extremely dangerously …

What all - for a tick was neutralized by workers of "Green economy" in the territory of the children's town "Fairy tale"?

- This is a web tick, - the production manager of "Green economy" Galina Kotovich tells. - It sticks to the lower part of a leaf of a linden and exhausts from it all juice. The leaf withers, falls down.

Therefore, if pincers process" all its leaves at a linden, the tree remains without foliage and can soon be lost. And though directly for the person this tick doesn't constitute danger, but the green city can turn into a skeleton.


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