Mopedista even more often become participants of road accident

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Numerous road accidents with the participation of mopeds became one of questions which were considered at the last meeting of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs board on July 29. There is a lot of reasons of such situation: non-compliance with traffic regulations as mopedist, and drivers of cars, a carelessness from drivers of a car, etc.

The chief of the Nikolaev regional management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - the major A.Naumenko noted that the situation with road accident with the participation of mopeds demands special attention from the staff of GAI. It is necessary to settle a question of registration of mopeds as often at a wheel of these vehicles there are children and teenagers at legislative level 16 years are younger.

Examples similar dorozhno - transport incidents a set.

So, on July 29 in Yuzhnoukrainsk on Energetikov St. the local, operating a moped "Leader" in an alcohol intoxication I allowed collision with the Opel car. As a result of road accident the mopedist got injuries and with lacerations of inguinal area and gipovolemichesky shock was taken to hospital.

On July 30 in. New Odessa the driver of the ZAZ — Deo car didn't manage to drive and allowed collision with the moped the "Carpathians" operated by the pupil of 8-го of a class of local school. As a result of road accident 13 - a summer mopedist with brain concussion, wounds of an integument of the head, hands, persons and his passenger, 10 - the summer pupil 5-го a class with a fracture of a hand and concussion of a brain were delivered in TsRB.

The state traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area addresses to participants of traffic. Remember! On your behavior on the road depends not only your life, and life and health of other people.


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