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Beer tents on so-called summer platforms on - former deliver a set of experiences to citizens. In edition I called 80 - summer Grigory ERMOLENKO, the participant of war. He lives down the street Béla, in the house No. 67. Near his house in summertime the beer tent from which neither to Grigory Makarovich, nor his aged neighbors simply there is no life settled down. Both in the afternoon, and at night noise from there reaches: visitors of this institution have fun.

Especially the old woman living on the first floor suffers, is closest to a brisk place: at the nights she can't fall asleep, and leave far from the apartment that complain in any instances can't, it has no foot.

As in any similar place of trade, round a stall there is a lot of dirt, and the entrances located nearby are turned by visitors into latrines: the dry closet established by a row why - that it is closed on the lock.

However, residents don't take down such mockeries silently, they wrote about it to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, to answer from where and furthermore to react immediately why - that don't hurry. Without having sustained a pressure of violators of silence, on August 4 people even caused militia. Well and what? In the presence of militiamen the subwalking companies, of course, became silent and after militiamen left, continued a noisy feast, indifferently.

Grigory Makarovich calls similar piteyno - pleasure places ugliness which does shape of our city ugly and turns life of citizens into the real torture. It is impossible to disagree with it!

The city authorities are obliged to control work of summer platforms. Here that the head of department of the organization of trade activity, restaurant economy, work of the markets and complexes of trade of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Yury PERERODOV reported editions.

On August 8 the staff of department, and also representatives of the relevant services carried out an inspection of the haunts of vice in the city. Checking paid attention, first of all, on legality of establishment of portable cafes, and also the range of sold drinks as realization of strong alcohol is strictly forbidden, beer is allowed only.

Results of raid, as always, made some pages of the report, filled with the facts of violations, both small, and scandalous. We will stop on the last.

In city yachts - club the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs made 3 protocols: under article 182 of the Administrative code of Ukraine saying about violation of a mode of silence in public places. Music and noise in these trade places rattled after 22 hours that agrees to one of recent legislative orders it is strictly forbidden.

Staff of GAI became witnesses of how approximately from 20 o'clock and to 2 o'clock in the morning on the territory of yachts - club, not always observing movement speed in foot zones, cars and mopeds were carried by. As a result 5 protocols on the traffic violation of the rules are made, three mopeds are sent to a penal platform. By the way, their drivers - the young people which age no more than 17-18 years, operated the vehicle in a state of intoxication!

The checking found having with might and main fun nikolayevets after 12 o'clock in the morning on the Alluvium, in the Odessa shop located at the address: Lazurnaya Street, 34. On the plate with the indication of an operating mode it is designated: till 23 o'clock. Having gathered vodka, beer and snack, buyers of an institution go to the near yards, settle down at playgrounds and small benches at entrances and feast, without mincing words and emotions. Fights become apogee of fun. The owner of shop Alexander Pasichny listens to a set of complaints and complaints of residents from near houses, however his explanation in trade department of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies: "With all the heart I want to bring an order! " - why - that doesn't sound convincingly. Twice he received preventions of the city authorities concerning silence violation. Now opportunity isn't excluded that the businessman should be on Coordination council and to lose the license for the right to be engaged in this kind of activity.

The address in the neighbourhood: Lazurnaya Street, 52. Here too at half past twelve nights drink and walk. Inhabitants of the near nine-floor house can't sleep peacefully. People say that revelry proceeds almost round the clock. The owner of pub certain Markov, justifying before checking, I told, what even I was on duty at night in the car near a stall to prevent the drunk conflicts. However "we have that we have".

Yury Pererodov concludes: sometimes from acquiescence of owners sellers of various summer platforms trade after a closing-time of booths almost till the morning.They, as well as businessmen, oh as are interested in it: the revenue - that grows several times, depending on quantity sold, drunk and eaten.

As a result two trade tents located in yachts - club, on Sportivnaya Street, 7, are threatened by closing. However, an outrage which are allowed by their owners became occasions for this purpose at all. At the business owner Hodakovsky in July I expired land lease term, and it, indifferently, continues to trade. The business owner Tkachov from - under floors sold low alcohol drinks, for what will answer before observers of the law. Then brazen violation of silence and a public order, insanitary conditions - the insufficient reason for the most strict punishment guilty.

By the way, Yury Pererodov didn't forget about Grigory Ermolenko's complaint and promised to bring an order round beer tent on Beloy Street.


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