At the Nikolaev schools of a problem with fire safety

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Annually, before new academic year in all educational institutions of the country pass so-called acceptance. The commissions from firefighters, workers sanitarno - epidemiological services, administrations of areas and departments of education attend schools and check their readiness for the beginning of an educational season.

By results of acceptance as reports GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, thirty city schools can quietly begin educational process. The others work over elimination of shortcomings. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations brought in our area to administrative responsibility of 115 officials for non-performance or violation of instructions of the state fire supervision. "Officials" are people who were chosen responsible for fire safety at meetings of labor collectives. They carry out the duties disinterestedly, on a voluntary basis and... annually suffer from administrative penalties.

So, for example, in one of schools of the city of a wall of corridors were covered with lining which isn't considered a safe material from the point of view of fire safety. According to requirements, school corridors have to be either are whitewashed, or painted. If the school everything is wants to equip walls with lining, it needs to be processed previously special solution that considerably increases repair cost.

At one school, in a cellar, there was all old furniture: boards, school desks and chairs which are stored here since the USSR. The supply manager of school dumped the packed-up pitch which was used under repair roofs in the general heap.

In general at city schools there are a lot of problems which aren't resolved decades.

So, on ladder repair in one of the Nikolaev schools it is necessary 400 thousand hryvnias. When the building only built, incorrectly connected sewer system, and all water flew down not in a city collector, and under the building base. From - for it it started settling, on walls there were cracks. The reason recently found, the sewerage connected correctly, and the building rescued. However the ladder still is in an accident condition.Now children use only one ladder route, and by fire safety regulations in their three-storyed building has to be two.

At many schools of the city electric boards are closed not on locks, and twirled on a wire. Any child can cope with such lock.

The chief specialist of department of the state fire supervision of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area Stepan Pipko notes that the main problem of schools from the point of view of fire safety, today is lack of a modern fire extinguishing system. This system costs very much. In order that to establish it, it is necessary to pass a difficult way: to prepare the project and operational documentation, to approve it in several instances, to find the certified organization for installation of system and constantly to spend funds for routine maintenance of the difficult equipment. According to the Law of Ukraine "About fire safety" objects with mass stay of people (over fifty people) have to be equipped with the automatic fire alarm system.

In Nikolaev the "richest" schools have such alarm system only. Therefore it is important that at "ordinary" schools were available at least simple, but working fire extinguishers. By the way, their contents for school - too expensive pleasure. Each fire extinguisher (and at school, at least, ten) needs to be recharged them annually that costs 70-80 hryvnias. Therefore the majority of schools of it don't do from - for lack of money.


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