"The richness of our nature is the wood"

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The last weeks stem of thermometer reads off scale for a mark 40 with little effort. Each inhabitant of the Nikolaev area felt on himself beams of the scorching sun and closeness which costs on streets of our city. High temperature during this fire-dangerous period leads to emergence of fires in houses, on streets, in the open territory, and also forests. But weather conditions are not the only factor of emergence of fire. Not the secret that human negligence - the outstanding fire, the thrown stub - bears big threat not only forest flora, but also people. As an example - heavy fires which occurred in Hersonshchina, in the Poltava and Chernigov areas.

For the purpose of the prevention of emergence of fires in forests rescuers of the Nikolaev area carry out a number of additional measures. One of the directions of this activity - carrying out raids on forest grounds. So, during celebration of the Independence Day and in the days off the state fire supervision of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area carried out road inspections on forest natural boundaries of the Nikolaev area. The prevention of emergence of fires in the woods is one of activities not only rescuers, but also workers of forestry of areas and area. At fire emergence in forests for fire suppression, vpervy turn, voluntary fire brigades of forestry and if it isn't enough forces are attracted - the service of rescue "01" to the aid comes.

The carried-out work on forest grounds of the Nikolaev area, the task force of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations remained is happy.We met not indifferent people who with understanding treat common cause on protection of forests - treasures of our native land, and also the most valuable - human life.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area warns: "In a dry season in the wood it is necessary to be especially careful at the treatment of fire: place which is intended for a fire, it is necessary to clear of a dry grass, leaves, branches; not to display the center near hanging-down crowns, coniferous young growth, among a dry cane; don't leave a fire without supervision; don't leave the vacation spot, without having made sure that the center is extinguished.

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