Donetsk region. In the center of Gorlovka of "Toyota Camry" crashed into the trolleybus

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According to the driver of affected electrotransport, shortly before accident to the trolleybus disconnected electricity, and it stood in the middle of the road about 10 minutes. Dimensions were included, and he waited for supply of electricity for further following on a route. Slightly earlier the car of unknown brand of red color went with a high speed and with emergency braking avoided collision, and only 3 minutes later the Toyota Camry car from collision with trolleybus didn't leave. Without trying to brake, the driver of "Toyota" drove at all speed in the trolleybus. According to eyewitnesses, in 10 minutes prior to accident this car flew by around 8-й schools, at all without having braked on transition and "road police officers". The most interesting was after collision. The driver long didn't leave the car, complaining of heart attack. In 2 minutes to a scene there arrived the carriage "fast" which worked very quickly. To the driver helped to get out of the car, and he on the feet got into the carriage "fast" where it was examined by physicians. Then physicians with the victim went to hospital. Staff of GAI arrived to a scene already in 45 minutes though many of eyewitnesses called in GAI several times. The staff who have arrived on a scene of GAI, examined the Toyota car and, having called the wrecker, hasty was removed from a scene, and eyewitnesses and remained to watch the events. What causes of accident - the militia will understand.


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